direct pointing experience

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direct pointing experience

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hi all,
i am what i believe to be pre-path and am, of course, interested in getting this enlightenment thing done. despite my pretty deep dharma knowlege and commitment to insight, i share the opinion that for those of us who may have a solid intellectual idea about no-self, but no gut-bound certainty, a couple of hours or days of focus on the Ruthless Truth (RT) method could, at worst, give one a headache.

first of all DHOers relax. no-self isn't destructive to anything except maybe false view. the foul-mouthed timbre of ruthless truth is not attractive to me but hey...just words. there are some very considerate people there doing a good job of cracking, at least, one of the big stumbling blocks for we normal mortals.

imo, where one lands with a successful RT round probably depends on who one is and where one starts. when gotama gave teachings some people saw through the mass of delusion and some had their stainless dharma ey opened and some yawned.

my experience (of this past weekend) was similar, though less spectacular, to that fo another DHOer in the long RT thread.
basically i sent a personal message to one of their red people. they responded and we went right to email exchange.

i mentioned that i had an intellectual grasp of the no-self thing, i is only a label but the sense of "I" was strong and pervasive.
i was asked to focus on the I and ask what it points to, anything in the real world?
it was pointed out that all thoughts about the I were just that, thoughts. all just pointers pointing to a false assumption.
this process went on through several similar iterations.

when trying to look deeply into the I or self, there were no great upheavals of emotion or sensation, good or bad and i didn't have a feeling of getting to a deeper, non-intellectual understanding. That said, my meditation sits were longer deeper and clearer than they had been for some time. I had some clear insights as to "where" along the wave of sensory experience the label was being applied and the consequent effect of being able to stay with "hearing" for example, without applying the lable "bird" to the sound stream.

to use a phrase i have read here often, things were less "sticky". when seeing more clearly, i could hang with experience without the automatic labeling.

there were also a few sublter shifts while out walking in nature. pleasant clarity which is not for me commonplace was present.

i will continue to use this new tool until it becomes unnecessary and integrate it into my sits.

imo - the way that no-self is taugh in RT is a refreshing technique. before trying it no-self was a realization won over ass-blistering hours of insight. even if my experience was not a full blown experience of path or even the recognition of no-self. the excercise helped me, was pleasant and fun.

i reccomend it as another tool to throw in the yogi's toolbox -- and thank you to my red person
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RE: direct pointing experience

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What is the technique?
To be honest I am not really sure what direct pointing is. emoticon
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RE: direct pointing experience

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Hi Chris,
direct pointing is a technique promoted on this site:

the assertion is that with relatively simple instructions and guidance from one who knows the way, one can quickly and easily attain a realization of no-self.

on this site there seems to be lots of scepticism or at least direct questioning of the attainment and where it brings one on the map based path here, or if the attainment is even the same from person to person.

in comparison to the deeply thoughtful and thorough treatment of the path here, it is shockingly "pared down".

i remain open minded to whatever outcomes it promises but will continue to use the paths and maps method on this site.


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RE: direct pointing experience

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Tom, I will suggest you go either on RT site itself or Facebook Ruthless Truth Nexus. Both of this resources can help you to look deeper if you still feel you didn't stepped through the Gate.