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7/22/11 4:12 PM
Starting at the beginning of June, I had some interesting experiences that seem to relate to time.

1. Was working in my studio, looked out the window, and a woman was walking her dog, she bent down to pick something up and them walked on to the corner. About 5 seconds later, notice a woman walking her - complete repeat.

2. Was sitting on my front porch and heard a car, gazed toward the vehicle, and out in front of it there was a trailer of where the car would be.

3. Meditating, watching clouds. . . impermanence. Suddenly the clouds seemed to stop. Played with this: if i only concentrate the clouds stop, or they can move faster, or even back up. At first I think, cool, I can make the clouds stop, move faster, etc. Then I think no, this has something to do with experiencing time.

I am able to access this now quite easily as I have practiced.

For all of these, I would say that I was in a state of concentration, but not absorption. Also it is a point of concentration on an object and not my entire field of experience - yet anyway. Stayed with it and insight seems to be a kind of direct experience of time as illusion.

What the hell is this? What does it mean? Have I lost my F------ing mind?

RE: Time?
7/22/11 10:15 PM as a reply to Lorey L Hobbs.
Could you re-phrase 1. and 2.?

RE: Time?
7/23/11 2:06 AM as a reply to This Good Self.
Hope this will help to clarify:

re 1. Similar to the scene in the Matrix when Neo sees the black cat cross the doorway twice: DejaVu

2. Similar to a film clip that has been sped up of perhaps a highway scene of cars where there appears to be trailing lights only in my "experience" the trailing lights were out in front of the single car.

Does this help?

RE: Time?
7/23/11 2:25 AM as a reply to Lorey L Hobbs.
I only wanted you to clarify because I'm sure it sounded interesting, I just didn't know what you were saying!

The second one is common with trip reports (from taking street drugs), as I'm sure you're aware. The fact that you're getting this without drugs is impressive.

Sorry I don't really have anything to add.

RE: Time?
7/23/11 8:18 AM as a reply to This Good Self.
I am not taking drugs.

RE: Time?
7/23/11 1:48 PM as a reply to Lorey L Hobbs.
I never had such strong hallucinations. As to whether these things are "real" or not, who knows? Does it matter?

But whenever I had similar phenomena, I (eventually) disregarded them as a side effect of practice. Such powerful mental stuff also indicates that you have very powerful concentration. You should be able to apply such a concentration to seeing things clearly (by doing vipassana, for instance), hence decreasing the number and intensity of such fabrications.

Buying into the content ("I am psychic") is not seeing clearly, and if you buy into such content repeatedly this might spiral out of control (see this thread for an example of someone to whom this happened). The way to see clearly is to notice the sensations that make up the content, and not buying into their implied meaning.

RE: Time?
7/23/11 3:06 PM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
Yes, Bruno, I have come to that same conclusion. Only a side affect, kind of fun, but not important. However, I don't think this is hallucination. Also, this makes sense to apply the concentration to vipassana (which is new for me), and use to cultivate more depth and clarity.

The path has been unfolding for me since 2004 in an organic way, no real formal training.

I had a very strong sense and also a kind of message in lucid dream a little over a month ago after I asked the question: What should I do now? The answer: to take meditation more seriously. Found Daniel's text, found the site, and here I am, and have been following the instruction. Most definitely helpful.

On one hand, not having any knowledge of maps I have not been hindered by them, had never heard of a Jhana, etc., but on the other, I am sensing that I have not developed enough mindfulness. As I result, perhaps missing some important insights. Also, it would have been quite helpful to have the maps or to have been informed of the Dark Night of the Soul, since I may have stayed longer that necessary.

Even though I have grown much, I feel a little like "a babe in the woods."

Thanks you all

I very much appreciate the assistance.