The Asylum for Abstracted Dissociatives

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The Asylum for Abstracted Dissociatives

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"Turn, ye who approach, turn, and run, don't walk, way way away, if you value coherence. "
Dante, Inferno, Canto n + 1

This thread rated W-A-C-K-O for insensible, unsensible, and nonsensical content. Chckered psychiatric history recommended. Only the insane with a sense of humor need apply. 

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RE: The Asylum for Abstracted Dissociatives

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Transcript of interview initially broadcast on WWaK, entitled, "Re: what if you crossed-mapped the jhanas with the Taor deck? No, seriously."
Hector: Well I'm new to both so playing the fool card on my part, I literally just heard a podcast on tarot this week.
WTF: Hector, are you saying that you’re prepared to leap off the cliff of this question with essentially no familiarity with one of the key landscapes you are cross-mappin?
Hector (sighing, obviously relieved): Yes, Tim, that is precisely what i am saying. Thank you.
WTF: de nada, my man.
Hector: Take the death card (representing potential, rebirth), for instance. It feels to me like one of the arupa jhanas, I don't know the name of them or if it's the same thing but that's the feel I have for them.
WTF: Uhn-huhn.
Hector: The reverse of cards, of course, can also mean the 'close enemy' of the same card, a term I am borrowing that seems to originate from buddhist thought somewhere. like the close enemy of fullness is suffocation or the close enemy of nothingness is loneliness, close enemy of compassion is pity etc.
WTF: I can relate to that lonely nothingness shit. But Hector, in all honesty, I wouldn’t know an arupa jhana if it bit me on the ass.
Hector: Perfect, so you cover the arupa jhana mapping and I’ll take the tarot landscape.
WTF: Let me see if I’m reading you correctly here by simplifying things into a few equations from a version of string theory. Are you implying, in those particulat mathematical terms, an exercise in which I, with a nothing-to-lose headlong hubristic heedless hasty top speed vector for the next cliff edge,  fill the variables in on an equation for a universe in which arupa jhana(s) is/are? While you, with all the likewise heedless hubris but more measured out in coffespoons of pseudo-order, characteristic of the truly foolish and insane, do a similar operation in a slightly skewed variant math on the tarot cards as the foundation of a universe of utterly legible synchronicty beyond words that has primal and radical implications for the theories espoused in that great class of Kashmir Shaivism, the Sponda Karikas, in which the single mantra sponda pulse is the sound that creates everything in existence of of a pure void?
Hector. With the qualifier that the tarot cosmic equation is in 78 dimensions, and must yield as an implcit result a cosmos in which the black void where nothing is but anything can happen falls out at Planck length solutions, or the white void which needs dissolution before anything happens can be found as a natural corollary of the quantum gravitational solution.
WTF: so you’re eliminating variables beyond those remedial approaches here, including the expanded deck from Florence, called Minchiate, with its 97 cards including astrological symbols and the four elements, as well as traditional tarot motifs.[
Hector: Just to simplify things on this initial exercise.
WTF: Copy that.
Hector: Right, but let’s wait to integrate the DNA mapping until we’ve convinced the foundations to let loose on a little funding here, you know?
WTF: Wait a minute. You’re in this for the grant money?!
Hector: Only as a quasi-objective measure of temporal progression. . . . Now, the tower card, representing dissolution can represent dark night or dhukka nana---
WTF (succumbs to a PTSD-like fugue, semicomatose condition)
Hector: --- and after the tower card is star, which supposedly represents meditatio. According to one interpretation these together can map to arising and passing and dark night.
WTF (a tongue of fire appears over his head, and he begins to utter gnomic scat-like utterances, to the aproximate tune of the neglected jazz classic, “It’s a Wonderful World . . . NOT!” in the Duke Ellington Orchestra version, recorded live in St. Louis): be bop a loola hall bop a lujah, she ‘s my baby. . .

Hector: Of course. Plus, I figured since you know both jhanas and tarot, you might be able to tell me if there were more correspondences or if there are none, like a salad and an autobahn, say.
WTF (recovering without missing a beat): You didn’t see my recent paper on “Caesar Salads and German Roads: Separated at Birth, or Just Coincidence?”
Hector: that was by you? You’re “The entity formerly known as ‘Curious’”?!
WTF: no, but the name was just lying around like a discarded snake skin, so i figured i’d just let whoever shed it have a share in the horrific karma involved in publishing the piece. I also used it to clearly distinguish myself from That Mad Rambler who only comes down from his cave once a full moon to yell Smashmouth lyrics at random villagers.
Hector: Has that been a problem in the past?
WTF: And the future. Don’t get me started.
Hector: I’ll respect that for the moment, though i’m a bit of a digger on shit like that, and may come up with an angle of my own. If i unearth any independent material on that, would you be willing to let me run it by you? All you would have to do is confirm or deny.
WTF: Fuck no. Are you crazy? Do you think I’M crazy?
Hector: Yes, and yes.
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RE: The Asylum for Abstracted Dissociatives

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As you can tell, I'm one of those people who look up baking recipies on the internet and wing it.
And also computer programs, I tend to try it out then when I get stuck read the manual.
Who reads the fucking manual these days anyway, all the little booklets with gadgets come with pretty
ikea pictures on how to plug it in and then have a url to the web page.

The best cooks all wing it, from a solid ground of fundamentals. GThe best computer users are people who have explored every aspect of a program's limits and are aware of them by having fund no way beyond them. This takes a lot of often frustrating experience, it takes time. But the pay-off in the best use of a program, a tool, that you need for the work to be done is priceless.

So We B Winging It. We B asylum residents. We be ready for fruitless flights of speculative fancy grounded by threads of intuition in the tapestry of time and space and incarnation.
That time is woven into the tapestry is the beginning of a metaphorical approach to your problems with time: whatever it is in you that includes you and time and space and incarnation, is not to be found in that tapestry. All the traditions conclude that. What that means, they argue about, and occasionally kill each other over.
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RE: The Asylum for Abstracted Dissociatives

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Oh I'm glad you saved this... It provides me a map now to change my behavior... I can choose to notice and flip tarot cards from upside down to right side up and make close enemies friends by transmutation.

You make enemies by telling the truth, my friend. No one can complyely forgive you for telling them a truth that makes them uncomfortable. This is why your turn to myth (re-turn, it sounds like) is so timely. They will kill the truth-teller, eventually, kill the messenger for the content of the message, a group or society united again uncomfortable truth. GThey they will deify the one they killed, as every fucking uncomfortable truth he/she told ends up being proved accurate, even though they've long since killed the messenger.