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Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended
7/10/20 8:51 AM
Joseph Goldstein, one of the author's teachers, received a copy of A Householder's Vinaya with Home and Sangha Retreat Guides. He had this to say: (this is an unedited quote used by permission from Joseph Goldstein.)

In A Householder's Vinaya, Allan Cooper describes in detail and depth guidelines for realizing our highest dharma aspirations. Going beyond conventional notions of daily life practice, Allan's deep wisdom both challenges and inspires us to raise the bar of impeccability as we undertake the liberating teachings of the Buddha. In this unique work, there is a wealth of practical advice for transforming everyday life experiences into a genuine path of awakening.  Highly recommended.Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening

All royalties that come from the sale of the book on Amazon will be donated to the Buddhist Global Relief Fund. Please see the first post in this thread for more information about acquiring a copy of the book in several ways. The book is much more than just a retreat guide. Much metta

RE: Highly Recommended
7/10/20 9:11 AM as a reply to Steve Katona.

Please, potential buyers, do not support the highly destructive company cynically named Amazon by buying products from them but instead support small independant booksellers.


RE: Highly RecommendedA Householder's Vinaya
7/24/20 8:20 AM as a reply to Olivier.
In response to Olivier: by going to Allan Cooper's website you will find a link to a free pdf download of the complete book. If you then use the Kindle app (sorry, it's more Amazon) to open that file you will then have indexing and searching and the other features of the Kindle app while reading the book on whatever device you choose. much metta