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New Ron Serrano Interview - The Dharma Mechanic - Guru Viking Podcast

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New Interview with Dharma Mechanics co-founder Ron Serrano!

Would love to know what you think :-)

Audio version of this podcast also available on iTunes and Stitcher – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.


From the shownotes:

In this interview I am joined by Ron Serrano who, after securing financial freedom, turned away from the business world and declared the rest of his life a retreat, turning his full attention to spiritual awakening.

Ron is a long time meditation practitioner and co-founder of the online meditation group Dharma Mechanics.

We discuss Ron’s rigorous practice schedule, including his advanced lucid dreaming approach, and discover the one technique that increases lucid dreams by 20x.

Ron also discusses his close association with Yale neuroscientist Judd Brewer, who scanned the brains of many meditation masters, and reveals the surprising results of those many years of research.

Topics include:

0:00 - Intro
0:49 - The kundalini yoga of Swami Kripalu
10:10 - Achieving financial freedom and discovering meditation
13:07 - Meeting Leigh Brasington and learning the jhanas
14:50 - Ron’s rigorous practice schedule and declaring permanent retreat
20:35 - The practice of recalling mystical experiences
23:53 - Meeting Judd Brewer and encountering meditation masters
30:03 - Buddhist Geeks, Dharma Mechanics, and discovering Dzogchen
33:41 - Meeting Tsoknyi Rinpoche
36:33 - Ron’s take as a businessman on sustainable Dharma
40:51 - Inside stories on Judd Brewer’s brain research on meditation masters
43:50 - What is meditation really about
47:09 - Ron’s 20+ year lucid dreaming practice
54:17- Prophetic and diagnostic dreams, and clear light sleep yoga
1:06:24 - Ron’s family’s surprising reaction to his rigorous practice schedule
1:08:26 - Sleep science and lifestyle effects on lucid dreaming success
1:13:09 - Ron’s love of maps of awakening and his current practice orientation

To find out more about Ron and Dharma Mechanics, visit:

For more interviews, videos, and more visit:

Music ‘Deva Dasi’ by Steve James

RE: New Ron Serrano Interview - The Dharma Mechanic - Guru Viking Podcast
7/23/20 5:27 AM as a reply to Steve James.
Thanks for posting this.

Something about his attitude and the way he handled himself seemed quite different and more direct than a lot of interviewees. The ruminating in previous fruits part did make me wonder whether Ayya Khema meant recalling previous Fruitions from a PoI perspective or the more general sense he seemd to present it in.

RE: New Ron Serrano Interview - The Dharma Mechanic - Guru Viking Podcast
7/24/20 11:22 AM as a reply to Steve James.
I found the interview quite interesting.