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Looking for Teacher & place to go on retreat near NYC

I have been practicing meditation twice daily for about 4.5 years. I have started to prolong my sits from anywhere of an hour to 90 mins in the morning and another 30 mins , sometimes 40 or 50 mins in the second half of the day. 

Some days I do even more but 90 minutes a day is my current standard. I know what may be more important than quantity of sit time is the quality. 

I definitely feel like I could be making greater progress by attending retreats and finding a teacher. I did attend my first 4 day Zen retreat at the beginning of the year although that wasn't very intensive. 

I am looking for some recommendations for teachers and retreat centers that aren't too far from NYC. 

I know because of the corona situation a lot of retreat centers are going online. I guess it is possible to get good guidance from a teacher via zoom call or skype so maybe location would not be so important. 

However I would like to attend a more intensive 7-10 day retreat sometime soon. 

Thanks for your help.

RE: Looking for Teacher & place to go on retreat near NYC
8/18/20 2:35 PM as a reply to Artem Zen.
I know an excellent teacher located in New Yoork, not far from NYC. I'll send you a private message,

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