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8/19/20 9:09 AM
If I remember correctly, Willoughy Britton's framwork for the Dukkha Nana's is called Meditation-syndrome. She talks a lot about meditation induced hyperarrousal and dissociation. There are two videos on that topic to find on Vimeo, I found both of them very interesting & now I started wondering if the stages of Enlightenment are in other words just different levels of overstimulation in the nervous-system. 

I'm really curious about the science behind it, maybe you guy's have something to share about it?(: 

Thanks much.

RE: Awakening/Hyper-sensibility
8/19/20 3:55 PM as a reply to Oatmilk.
Over-stimulation yes but not necessarily as in having a lot of parts of nervous system activated at once but having certain pathways active for way too long.

When neuron is getting tired it will start firing in ways indicating suffering to other neurons and this is then interpreted as suffering. It is however hard to not activate this pathway because brain reconfigured itself to use it in too many circumstances and mind doesn't know how to sustain itself without it without completely loosing it. Locations that mind thinks its resources are located at can be really messed up and normal brain strategies play out as Dukkha Nanas with characteristic patterns with increasing level of overall felt suffering that increase is caused by more neurons getting tired of over-stimulation and these which were already abused being even more tired.

Equanimity happens when brain re-scans itself, create new mental maps of what is where and then it knows that: "ok, there is resource which can be used close to this resource, so it that is showing signs of being tired then I will use this neurons which are close and/or have similar connections". It is also why EQ feels more like suddenly we are kinda new person and never really suffered during DN. The pain appear as gone along with the mind which experienced it.

EQ can be forced by doing right mind actions to do mind refresh. When one neuron specifically activate more neurons then they all get activated at once in one giant swoop. Then mind knows where each one of its precious resources are located. This activation depend on right amount of activation and inhibition signals. Or to put it simple terms there is very specific feel to this action and in some sense it feels very mind-like. When it is done often then no cycles of insight can happen. At least in the part of brain which actually does it because this can be done with limited scope and any part left out of it will experience the same effects that manifest itself as cycle of insight.

Another strategy that is useful is just to switch parts of brain which are used semi-consciously. These switch actions are also done by inducing very specific feelings. If you know that you have few copies of what feels like what you feel like is getting tired then you can induce switch to new part of the brain which does the same function. It will feel different but this is even better because it is nice to be able to experience things with different sets of eyes. This method has this advantage that it is also possible to force more than one such copy to run at once and this can lead to dramatic increase in how well processing is done eg. sensual processing can get really intense. This of course will lead to tiring your nervous system much more quickly. Using it also makes it harder then to not use it because what fires together tend to later also fire together. This is however just a matter of learning how to moderate and control these processes.

RE: Awakening/Hyper-sensibility
8/21/20 2:44 AM as a reply to Ni Nurta.
That's really an interesting theory - where did you get the information? 

Thanks much! 

RE: Awakening/Hyper-sensibility
8/21/20 4:59 AM as a reply to Oatmilk.
I started wondering if the stages of Enlightenment are in other words just different levels of overstimulation in the nervous-system. 

lol, oh, absolutely. And life itself is just different levels of the lungs pumping. Thank God we got all this cleared up!

love, tim