ISO noting center in Asia for 3 month retreat

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ISO noting center in Asia for 3 month retreat

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I have been in Rishikesh, Northern India since the end of February, riding out the lockdown and intermittently getting into noting practice. My history is lots of Goenka Vipassana; I’ve collectively sat and served 11 ten day courses, mostly during the winter of '18-19. Practice has been irregular since then and found myself largely turned off by the sectarian and narrow minded communities that form in those centers. Since then, loads of reading, lurking on DHO, etc. 

I believe it would be fruitful at this point in my practice, and considering my life circumstances to pursue a long (1-3 month) retreat at a center teaching noting. I had plans to go to Panditarama Lumbini before the Covid situation. Now they are indefinitely not accepting retreatants. Is anyone aware of a center/monastery that is currently accessible by a US citizen traveling from India that they could recommend on the following criteria...

-Preferably in India - this will be by far the easiest place for me to travel to right now, but some other Asian countries are beginning to open up to tourists, so I wouldn't mind other recs.

-teachers are readily available, relatively awake, and fluent enough in English to make communication possible (I'm pretty good with thick accents as long as their grammar makes some sense)

-the more pragmatic and practice oriented the better. Better yet if they don’t mind talking maps and stages, but I can report w/out terms no problem. It would be nice if the teachers would be willing to give me a bit of a heads up and tailored instructions as they recognize what i'm going through, beyond “just note it” or the famous Goenka one liner “just observe and remain equanimous”. I know it’s good advice, but obviously some more tailored advice can be seriously useful when things start to go pear shaped.

-relatively healthy food served w/ vegan options

-Private rooms available for long stays

-Minimal mosquitos (is this possible in Asia?) or at least good mosquito nets in the rooms.

-affordable. Suggested donation for panditarama lumbini was $5/day, somewhere in that ballpark would be great

I can post about my practice if that’s useful, but we’ll leave it there for now so this doesn’t get too long.
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RE: ISO noting center in Asia for 3 month retreat

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5 months later I'm finding myself asking the same question... anyone? Let's extend this to anywhere in the world that it's presently possible to travel with a US passport. 
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RE: ISO noting center in Asia for 3 month retreat

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Hi David,

The Satipanya Uk Mahasi centre start their summer 3 month retreat in June:

This is now residential as well as online and you can apply to attend for a minimum of 8 days.