Here we go again

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Here we go again

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I've been working with models for a long time now.

From time to time, I have ideas about how this works, based on my experience and what I read.
Some I share, some I do not.
Some I post just for me to read them later emoticon.

The things that this idea have to "explain" are:

- Fruitions
- Vibrations
- Conciousness, awareness, etc
- Emptiness
- Brain activity

My last idea was that "awareness" is a pulse in the brain, an electrical pulse, originating in some part (the amigdala?)
At about 10 or 100 or 300 pulses per second.
So, "awareness" is not something static, but something that is created and destroyed.

This "pulse" then moves to other parts of the brain (limbic, frontal cortex) and then down to the spine.
When doing so, it "collects" sensations, like a bus.
And then it goes up again to the brain, maybe to the frontal cortex  where it tries to make sense of this spaghetti thing.

So, how it works:

- This pulse is the same as the external senses, only it originates "inside". You can even add another "inside" pulses, like the desire for sex.
A model where basic things like desires and awareness originate not from external things, but inside, and then collect support from external senses is cleaner when explaining how they work.
If you add that "near" the place where they arise there is a neuronal network with "patterns" to look for in this support (you know, like the patterns for sex).
In this model, sex is a "pulse" originated somewhere in the brain, maybe 30 per second, constantly looking for support for a pattern in the senses.

If you think about it, the heart beat and breathing are oher things that "fire" at regular intervals.
It only makes sense that another things basic for survival (or survival of the genes emoticon) work the same way.

This explains instantly fruitions and vibrations.

Fruition is the pulse of awareness not firing for a second or two. Vibrations is the gap between pulses. Emptiness is the "gap" between the pulses.
At the same time "emptiness" could also be the fact that the pulse of awareness "collects" different sensations and different things (like memories) as it moves.
So, all the senses, memories, emotions are in fact in the same thing (things collected by the awareness pulse). If you get down to the basics, they are all neurons firing.

This "pulse of awareness" also can "collide" or synchronize with regular sensations which explain another things that occur in meditation (and in normal life).

My guess is the "pattern" that the awareness "pulse" is looking for, has something to do with the 3Cs.

Anyway, another interesting thing is that when the pulse finds regular sensations that matches the patterns of it strongly, it does fire some dopamine.

So, it makes sense that the awareness "pulse" pattern is continuity or solidity and why it works on concentration practices.
The same way that when the sex "pulse" finds something in the senses that relates to sex.

Anyway, just some rambling.