New interview with Dr. Ian Wickramasekera - Devolving The Self - GuruViking

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New interview with Dr. Ian Wickramasekera - Devolving The Self - GuruViking

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New interview with Dr. Ian Wickramasekera - Bön Buddhist practitioner and associate professor of Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University.


Audio version of this podcast also available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher etc... – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.


From the shownotes:

We discuss how a violent, childhood near-death experience propelled Ian onto the path of meditative exploration, and how psychedelics played a part in unraveling deep seated racial conditioning.

We learn how early encounters with Glenn Mullin and Robin Kornman profoundly shaped Ian’s contemplative and academic trajectories.

Ian recounts his first meditation retreats with the Shambala organisation, his opinion of the Sakyong, and why he left that lineage.

Ian also explores dualistic and non dualistic epistemologies, the intersection of psychology and religion, and his academic work in the field of hypnosis.

Topics Include:
0:00 - Intro
0:53 - Childhood mystical experiences
4:18 - Violent near-death experience as a child
10:08 - Ian’s love for Catholic ritual and prayer
16:30 - Ian’s relationship with his Sri Lankan father
19:17 - Early racial conditioning and experiments with LSD
27:00 - First encounter with Tibetan Buddhism
31:27 - Ian discusses Glenn Mullin’s
37:34 - Meditation misconceptions
40:58 - First retreat at the Shambala Centre
48:32 - Robin Kornman
59:52 - The secret of space
1:03:13 - Devolving not evolving the self
1:09:31 - Space or spiritual materialism?
1:12:08 - Spacious equanimity vs setting personal boundaries
1:18:19 - Trends in psychology
1:22:52 - Non-dual perspectives in counselling and psychology
1:25:40 - Albert Ellis
1:31:41 - Dualism in science, personality disorders, and meditation studies
1:45:49 - Criticism from Buddhists about Ian’s work
1:48:39 - Comparing Dzogchen to hypnosis
1:54:40 - Counsellors and scientists who practice non-dual traditions
2:06:45 - Meeting the Sakyong and leaving the Shambala organisation
2:14:04 - In search of a teacher
This was a cool one.  I liked the stories about his teachers & general honesty about his path.  I was skeptical of hynposis-dzogchen crossover since hypnosis seems contrived, but was more convinced after hearing Dr. Ian's explanation.