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New Interview with Daizan Skinner - Chaos Temple - Guru Viking Podcast

New Interview with returning guest Julian Daizan Skinner, a British Zen Roshi trained in both the Soto and Rinzai schools.

We learn why seeing so many senior monks become exhausted and ill sent Daizan on a search to Japan for the secret energy practices of Zen Master Hakuin.

Daizan reveals why he left the Soto school to join controversial Rinzai Roshi Shinzan Miyamae, who’s motto was ‘First priority is kensho, second priority is kensho, third priority is kensho’.

Daizan recounts stories of studying with Shinzan Roshi in Japan, practicing Koan on a mountain, and the chaotic lifestyle at Gyokuryuji temple.

Audio version of this podcast also available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.

Topics include:

0:00 - Intro
1:18 - Why Daizan left the Soto school of Zen
1:47 - Energy practices to mitigate health problems of long-term Zen practice
19:11 - Meeting Shinzan Miyamae Roshi and joining Gyokuryuji temple
28:16 - The life story of Shinzan Miyamae Roshi
53:42 - Major fire at Gyokuryuji temple
1:04:09 - The effect of the chaos at Gyokuryuji on Daizan

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