Study on quieting the mind in LA at USC

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Study on quieting the mind in LA at USC

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Dear All,

Dr. Rael Cahn, longtime meditation researcher in southern California, asked me to help recruit participants to his neurophenomenological study of quieting the mind.

Here's the blurb:

"Dr. Rael Cahn, MD, PhD and colleagues at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute and Center for Mindfulness Science are conducting a brain study on narrative-free awareness in long term meditators. The research study aims to identify the unique brain changes associated with the experience of the cessation of the internal dialog or “narrative” during meditation practice. We are looking for participants ages 25-75 years old and either: 1. Novices new to the practice of meditation. Interest in meditation or mindfulness practice but no more than 2 months history of regular practice. 2. Long term practitioners (5 years or more daily or near-daily practice) familiar with the experience of dropping the internal dialog during meditation.Participants will come to the lab on two days – one for EEG and one for fMRI assessment of brain activity. Each day will be approximately 1.5-3hrs and you will be compensated $50 per day plus free parking and/or Lyft transport within the LA area."

Attached is the somewhat longer blurb with contact information if you are interested.