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46 years Soto Zen. 40 years of psychiatry. Breaking Free!

46 years Soto Zen. 40 years of psychiatry. Breaking Free!
awakening zen no self freedom
8/22/11 2:00 AM
This is really worth to read, my friends. 72 years old academic professor of psychiatry with 46 years of Soto Zen practice breaking free. Chills, guys.

Professor Breaking Free

RE: 46 years Soto Zen.40 years of psychiatry and psychoanalysis.Breaking Fr
8/21/11 9:56 PM as a reply to Elena Joy.
He doesn't write anything like a 72 yo. professor of psychiatry. The style and tone are all wrong. emoticon

At which university does/did he work? What is his name? [don't expect and answer here, dear readers].

Corresponding with Jed McKenna, that would be a world first!

Shit, this stuff is amazing. I know there's a high gullibility factor amongst members of dho, but do you really think this will fly?

RE: 46 years Soto Zen.40 years of psychiatry. Breaking Free.
8/22/11 2:01 AM as a reply to This Good Self.
Dear ccc, look up with more concentration - he did not write that he corresponded with Jed. And it was his first post that you couldn't read clearly, so what can you tell about further correspondence? He said he can't type, he was dictating, but I made him type to break the associations in the mind, so he said in the thread that he is looking for the letters and pecking. What you expect his style be? His style was just enough for him to break free. Before you write any review, you just read, I would say.
His name changed. And no personal info will be disclosed. Ask yourself why you need it. And what was the intention under writing this.

RE: 46 years Soto Zen.40 years of psychiatry and psychoanalysis.Breaking Fr
8/22/11 2:04 AM as a reply to This Good Self.
And Daniel Ingram already answered to you on another thread, if you didn't read, here it is:

"In response to the notion that this is anti-traditional or that this is not fundamentalist Theravadan stuff in some way: if you look at the old texts, the practice instructions for insight again and again are: "That is not self, that is not me, that is not mine, that is impermanent, that is causal, that is empty. This is not self, this is not me, this is not mine, this is impermanent, this is causal, this is empty." Again and again, they were asked to observe this, contemplate this, experience this, know this directly for everything, exactly as these Direct Pointers are onto, and more power to them.

I don't know what people are doing in vipassana, but if it is something other than seeing the Three Characteristics, of which two are strongly emphasized by the Direct Pointers, then I would say that isn't vipassana, and is something else being sold as vipassana but isn't.

I like this very immediate, very hardcore, very straightforward approach. I have this feeling that there are levels to it beyond the obvious, but this is a discussion for another time. Regardless, good stuff."

RE: 46 years Soto Zen.40 years of psychiatry. Breaking Free.
8/22/11 8:12 PM as a reply to Elena Joy.
elena, you're a pleasant person, that's easy to see. I like your vibe. But if you're going to use fictional characters as part of your teaching method, it's better to be upfront about it. Personally I like spiritual fiction as a genre (McKenna, Chopra, Rowling, etc.) but it should be stated as such.

RE: 46 years Soto Zen.40 years of psychiatry. Breaking Free.
8/23/11 12:27 AM as a reply to This Good Self.
Fictional characters? Which one - this or all that I posted? Look up - 5 or 6 of them were from this forum. One very easy to locate - look up Direct Pointing section - Paul:

Paul from this Forum

Other 5 was with me on email and asked me to use only 1 letter of their name, all can be located here:

5 people from this forum

I did located professor on the Internet by his real name, and checked his credentials - all clean. But I will not disclose, sorry. So you just need to work on your doubt. Just doubt arisen, no big deal. With this guy was about 67 emails back and forth, and was really difficult to compile something readable. Why would I do that if I make it up? I would just write nice story that everybody likeemoticon As I already was suggested by one man on facebook why dont I make a nice strory instead of posting boring threads.

Oh, yes, and many people in the blog posts I have from facebook, they are live people, real, if we can say like that, and can be interacted with.

On my blog I have about 20 real working threads. Have another 2 to put up. So if you want, you can check with some people. But the best is to check with your own arisen doubt. I would say, just to notice it already will be enough.

I appreciate you like my vibe!emoticon Yey! So come on Facebook to chat!

Much Love!

Oh, and why don't you put your real picture and name on this forum? So we can talk like 2 real people? I am very curious how you look ccc!