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Starting an online practice journal today. Doing breath concentration practices. 
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Started practice 9:00 AM today. A wandering mind throughout, noticed fast tensed breaths. Finished the practice at 9:40. 

Started again, 1:20 - 2:15

Relaxed focus, object jumpy and not continually clear. Weak mindfulness making my mind go into a dullness. Going to do solutions. 

Again, 2:30 - 3:00

Very clearheaded.
I see I am not applying 100% of my attention/focus at all times. Doing that, very definite object and very apparent. I feel closer to the object, right at my nostrils. With the intense focus I need to be as relaxed as possible, no tension whatsoever. 
Don't tilt the head down as much.
Enjoying the breath makes everything better, do this everytime. 
Focus mindfully, not staringly? hard to explain.
Don't put energy into thinking at all, doing this barely any thoughts arise. 
Slow down breathing and awareness, slow and steady wins the race!
Slow awareness, the object is not jumpy and very fixed. 
The mind has no problem anymore with memory, always remembering that I'm trying to concentrate and does not forget, very present. This greatly helps everything. 
Breathe from the stomach area, works better
Don't use a back support like a wall, it just makes it worse. Strengthen the back, stretch more also. Stronger physically and mentally go hand in hand.

After food digestion, caffeine/theanine 2 and noopept 2. 
Practice for longer times also. 
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3:00 - 5:00 pm

Wow, where to begin? Very important things learned today. Their is two factors of concentration that must be developed. 

1. Sustained focus. 
2. Absorbing focus. 

With the practice today, I could feel the "depth" of the breath. A 3d like object that I could immerse myself into and absorb more and more in. Doing the absorbing, the concentration greatly increased along with the vividness of the breath. The breath was very apparent and very present. I had no trouble finding and focusing on it. The mental flexibility that came from this was also very delightful. Also I could stay on the object itself for an extended period of time. Thoughts were not bothersome when they rarely came up. The awareness itself was seen to be moving too much around the nostril area, I need to focus on one exact spot and not waver. Its like a spinning top which is not losing momentuem anymore and falling down, but at the same time not exactly perfectly spinning. A little wavering is there which is disrupting the focus. At times I could effortlessly stay on it for a couple seconds/minutes. A vivid object helps a TON with sustaining focus on it and a sustained focus helps absorbing a TON. Absorbing is intense focus on the breath sensation that is becomes bigger and bigger, closer and closer, richer and richer. Hard to explain this. Its like the breath goes from a puddle to a pool and then you start swimming on top of the water and then diving deep into it. Simultaneously have sustaining and absorbing focus.
Sustaining and Absorbing go hand in hand.

I notice if I make the breathing itself effortless, a effortless focus is alot easier to have. Building a momentuem with breathing, I find that after a while its in its own groove and I can give up the effort and it carries on its own for the most part. Creating a groove of breathing is key to effortlessness. I can get to a effortless sustained focus this way by having the breath effortless. 
Its like a rocket having enough momentuem to leave gravity behind and continue going without the need of anymore energy, it carries itself.

Stillness and Slowness is also key.  
Moving disrupts the focus and keeps it from being sustained. Movement of any kind brings more movement somewhere else.
Stillness soon leads the way to effortlessness.
Slow breaths helps the mind concentrate better and pauses help alot too.  

Access Concentration is being able to access the jhana factor to absorb yourself into it, hence the name "access". Idk why this didn't click for me until now.

Keep the sense of sight on, its alot better for mindfulness atleast for right now. 
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Just simply concentrate on the breath. The more you relax, the stiller you will be. Stillness is essential.