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Is Stream entry possible on antidepressants (SSRI)?

Is Stream entry possible on antidepressants (SSRI)? I just started Sertraline SSRI, and I wonder if can still continue my path to Stream entry and higher while on them.

RE: Is Stream entry possible on antidepressants (SSRI)?
11/6/20 11:46 PM as a reply to Hans Zanden.
I think Kenneth Folk said that he took Antidepressants till 4th path - don't know which ones though.

RE: Is Stream entry possible on antidepressants (SSRI)?
11/7/20 1:36 AM as a reply to Hans Zanden.
I suffered from PTSD for decades but never knew it was an issue. I was just living with it and keeping it a secret. 

Started to look into meditation because I snapped at work because of stress. 
Found meditation in 2009 and this marks the start of daily sits for me. 

Had great time in meditation from 2009-2011 and then all went to hell and I was loosing my shit. Of course emoticon all the suppressed PTSD related stuff was exploding as well as being mixed with all the insight stuff. Went to doctor and got meds and talking therapy. 

I was on Sertralin since 2011 to about 2019 and stopped with it a few months after the cessation in June last year. I'm still off meds now and feel no need for it even if moods can swing they simply don't last long nor do they have that depth they once had (depression is now just a bit myserable rather than feeling the sinking into deep black hole, my heavy paranoia is just a bit fear, and panic attacks are minor body sensation of unpleasant nature, flashbacks are just memory thoughts).

Yes. It's possible. But I was never on higher dose than 50mg. My body could not handle it well on higher dose. I would get bloody feces on higher dose. Trust me it looked as if someone was slain when I did number 2 on the toilet! So doctor said to keep going with 50mg. Another called Citalopram caused bad preassure like headaches hence we opted for Sertralin. 

So it works. This Path is Cognitive. It's about Knowing Thisness. As long you are not heavily sedated or on drugs or drunk you should be fine.

I think Chris Marti was on SSRI as well and it was not standing in the way of the attainments. Kenneth Folk too. 

Best wishes to you! 

RE: Is Stream entry possible on antidepressants (SSRI)?
11/7/20 9:06 AM as a reply to Papa Che Dusko.
Congratulations man! I'm really restless at the moment, probably due to being in the start up phase. Makes mediting a lot harder...

Thank you for your comment. Metta!


RE: Is Stream entry possible on antidepressants (SSRI)?
11/8/20 5:10 PM as a reply to Hans Zanden.
I had stream entry and some developments beyond that (somewhere in the middle paths) while on antidepressants. Wouldn't have been able to do it without them. I'm still on them and I'm counting on them not being a problem with regard to the path. It's not SSRI in my case, but I wouldn't worry about the differences. Just take the medicines that work well for you and take care! 

RE: Is Stream entry possible on antidepressants (SSRI)?
11/8/20 5:25 PM as a reply to Linda ”Polly Ester” Ö.
Congratulations! Thanks for your reply, metta!

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