Lion-Faced Guru Ep. 6: Interview with Lama John Hoag - Pt. 2

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Lion-Faced Guru Ep. 6: Interview with Lama John Hoag - Pt. 2

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In the 6th episode, Kim Katami continues to interview Lama John Hoag.

► Topics discussed:

00:00 Introduction by Ugi Muller
03:20 Topics for discussion
04:12 Lama John’s perception of Dudjom Rinpoche
05:19 Greetings and introduction from Kim Rinpoche
06:05 More impressions of Dudjom Rinpoche
06:19 Dudjom Rinpoche’s transparency energy
08:53 The energy of mahasiddhas
09:35 The power of transparency
12:05 Thoughts on the future of Vajrayana
13:05 Explaining Vajrayana to Westerners
13:30 Adopting the interest in virtual reality to Vajrayana
13:42 Vajrayana as a practice of augmented reality
14:00 Swapping Superheroes for Vajrayana practice
14:25 Westerners’ difficulty with visualization
14:50 Adopting the right vocabulary for Westerners
15:02 Mahayana and acting
17:30 The benefit of learning from a realized Lama
18:26 The difference in receiving teachings from Lama’s who are realized and those aren’t
19:30 Simple and accessible approach for Westerners
21:35 Kim Rinpoche’s thoughts on simple practice
21:45 Going from external to internal to secret
22:01 Technique as a light switch
22:20 Internal aspect: feeling the energy
22:35 Discovering the Secret
22:42 “You have the same Buddha nature as the Guru”
22:50 “The deity is your wakeful nature flowering as the deity”
23:06 Keeping the external simple
23:25 “Experiences give us confidence and faith”
24:00 The internal and secret are always the same
25:20 Different ways of expressing ‘Hung’
26:01 Conceptual reservations
26:35 Conclusions on the future of Vajrayana
28:35 Pure perception
30: 40 Lama John’s teachings from Dudjom Rinpoche and other masters
33:20 Oral transmissions as a way of “sneaking in”
36:40 Receiving teachings by “just hanging around”
41:18 Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s “introduction to mind”
47:00 Closeness of Dudjom Rinpoche and Chatral Rinpoche
47:25 The wrath of Dudjom Lingpa and Chatral Rinpoche
48:24 Tulkus visiting Chatral Rinpoche
49:06 Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s forgiving nature
51:00 Giving up negativity or letting it grow
54:00 The analogy of the machete
54:28 Finding Tulkus in Tibet
59:00 A child Tulku is brought to Chatral Rinpoche
1:02:50 Chatral Rinpoche wields his sword
1:08:12 Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and the Enlightened Lady
1:11:30 Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche builds a monastery
1:18:22 Lamas in Nepal
1:29:10 Requesting a teaching at the wrong time
1:33:45 Seizing the moment with Kalu Rinpoche
1:38:20 The Pemako system compared to Tibetan systems
1:40:32 Comments on Pemako Sangha students
1:42:44 A method for evaluating a teacher
1:43:45 Reading someone’s insight in their energy body