RE: Online yoga recommendations?

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Online yoga recommendations?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for yoga classes I can watch online during COVID? 

I'm especially interested in classes that align closely with meditation practice. I've been doing a lot of sitting meditation, and I think it'd be helpful for me to move on occasion. 

I was doing "Yoga with Adriene", which didn't feel like a great fit. I can see why she's popular, but I was hoping for something more grounded in the desire for awakening/enlightenment. 
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RE: Online yoga recommendations?

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I don't know of any specifically aligned with meditation but I use "Down Dog," which is an app, not an actual class. It works by generating a different sequence of poses each time you load it, and you can customize everything (length, level, style, amount of instruction, etc.). I believe that it's free to try. They actually just came out with a sister meditation app but I haven't looked at that. 
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RE: Online yoga recommendations?

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If you find yourself inclined towards more physical practices, I highly recommend "Yantra Yoga" by the late, great Chögyal Namkai Norbu. His work brought some seriously deep practices into the public sphere for the first time, and he has several fully trained practitioners who worked with him directly and who post material online.

The book itself is an incredibly detailed commentary and practical instruction on the Union of the Sun & Moon tantra, so it's well worth investing in a copy if you're able to do so.