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Part 1 Video & Part 2 Talk on Jan 16, about Consciousness and Spirituality

I previously posted about my Free Online Talks on Jan 9 & 16, 2021 about Consciousness and Spirituality  The first talk is completed (and a video is available) and the second talk is coming up on Saturday, Jan 16th, 2021. Here is the information:

The First Talk: was completed!

DONE: Sat, Jan 9th, “Part 1: An Explanation of Consciousness”

An unedited “alpha” version of the 1-hour 24-minute video of Part 1 is available here. I apologize for the below standard quality, but I wanted to get it out quickly in case you could not attend Part 1 but were interested in Part 2. I will publish a cleaner version later.

You can also download a PDF of the Part 1 PowerPoint slide show here. Note that 6 of the pages will be somewhat obscured since the presentation used a lot of animations. Alternatively, you can download the full Part 1 PowerPoint slide show here, 

The Second Talk: The following free, online, 90-minute Zoom event will give you the most up-to-date preview of the second half of my upcoming book “Consciousness and Spirituality Explained!”

Sat, Jan 16th, 1 pm PST: “Part 2: An Explanation of Spirituality”

This talk includes a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation followed by a 45-minute Question and Answer session. The event is hosted by The Stoa, an online discussion organization. You can RSVP here for this event, and receive the Zoom link needed to attend the talk. Please RSVP early so The Stoa organizers can make sure they have a big enough Zoom room to accommodate everyone. 

You can also find more information about my model of consciousness and spirituality on my website:

I am happy to answer any questions you might have here on this forum.

Frank Heile

RE: Part 1 Video & Part 2 Talk on Jan 16, about Consciousness and Spiritual
1/12/21 11:26 PM as a reply to Frank Heile.
Please watch this video of "Part 1: An Explanation of Consciousness" from The Stoa YouTube channel. It is much nicer and more useful than the "alpha" video of the previous post.

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