Dolama Mantas - The Shaman Hermit - GV Podcast

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Dolama Mantas - The Shaman Hermit - GV Podcast

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In this episode am joined by Dolama Mantas, a hermit, yogi, and shaman with a remarkable story involving several themes of interest on this forum: enlightenment, self enquiry, magick and the occult, A&P experiences and more...


From the shownotes:

Mantas reveals how he was recruited into an occult sect led by a charismatic leader, subjected to brainwashing and psychic domination, and kept as a slave to commit violent crimes on behalf of the Master.

Mantas tells of his eventual escape, and the subsequent 4 years living as a hermit in the Lithuanian forests where he learned to meditate and underwent extreme austerities to recover his broken mind.

We follow Mantas to the Himalayas, where he met Tibetan hermits and powerful spiritual masters, and then to South America in search of true shamanism.

After much searching he finally met his Abuelo, and began a spiritual and shamanic apprenticeship under the tutelage of an extraordinary 94 year old Peruvian shaman.

Audio version of this podcast also available on iTunes and Stitcher – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.

Topics Include:

0:00 - Intro
0:57 - Meeting a charismatic spiritual teacher
7:54 - Becoming brainwashed into a life of crime and servitude to the Master
13:31 - Dark paranormal powers of the Master
20:16 - The source of the Master’s occult power and energy harvesting methods
24:25 - Mantas’ father’s rescue attempt
27:30 - Escape
34:06 - Deadly consequences for those who left the sect
36:41 - Ongoing psychic attacks
42:04 - Becoming a forest hermit and learning to meditate
46:41 - Healing journey, remembering past lives, and astral experiences
47:29 - Extreme practices of meditation and pranayama
49:36 - Mantas’ research methods
51:52 - Journey to the Himalayas
55:21 - Severing his psychic connection to the Master
58:00 - Considering castration
59:45 - Challenges in India and disappointments with Tibetan High Lamas
1:01:25 - A profound meeting with Namkha Rinpoche
1:04:00 - Living with a Tibetan hermit
1:05:28 - Travelling to South America in search of shamanism
1:06:23 - Encountering ayahuasca and spirituality through nature connection
1:07:51 - Mantas’ apprenticeship under Abuelo, a 94 year old master shaman
1:12:23 - How Abuelo become an enlightened shaman
1:14:20 - Mantas’ opinion on modern ayahuasca shamans
1:16:30 - Mantas’ current activities and retreats
1:19:10 - 10 hours of daily practice minimum
1:22:47- Contacting Mantas
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RE: Dolama Mantas - The Shaman Hermit - GV Podcast

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nice one! very lively. Yet he's very chilled.

I picked up on 'fear and love' at about 56:30, the power of brahma viharas....

but then who am i to say so? (who am i ? who am i? who am i?)