Not sure what?

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Not sure what?

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Hello! First post, though been lurking around the site for a few months. The wisdom and knowledge shared have helped greatly so far!

Some background info. Started practicing around 6 months ago. Fitting around 30-60mins daily. Have been focusing on the rising and falling of the abdomen and noting whenever I lose concentration of this. I'm getting into access concentration territory on a good day whilst other days are a bit of a struggle.


Today after 10 mins, my concentration was pretty good. Then there was this intense pressure coming up through my body. Right eye starting flickering and I then felt a sense of detachment from my body. Lost the feeling of the breath and then it got that intense that I opened my eyes, wish i hadn't!

Any ideas? 1st jhana?
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RE: Not sure what?

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Hi Garreth,
nice to see you here...another lurker striving for enlightenment. since noone jumped in to answer you right away i thought that i would give you my two cents as a non attainer :-)

first it sounds as though you have a good basis and certainly are dedicating a good amount of time to your practice, which is excellent and perhaps the most important thing.

secondly, there will be all sorts of energetic phenomena which will start to come up during your sits. they can range from being fun and exciting and interesting to "i can't sit another second like this" kind of thing. i'm sure you know what to do when they come up...note them and keep going, if you are doing noting practice. are you doing noting practice?

your question about whether what you experienced 1st jhana or not is beyond my capabilities to answer with your description. it may well have been. if you haven't read IanAnd's sticky thread on the jhanas and are interested in persuing them, read that first. one thing that surprised me when i first had clear knowledge that i had attained the different jhanic states was that i had been in them many times during my sits but just didn't have the discerment or knowleged to place them in the ordered way that they are presented. the states were, for me, were surprisingly "normal". excellent to be sure, but i had anticipated a much more of a trumpets and angels kind of experience. they are really just a calming and and a further calming and follow very precisely the descriptions of them.

my advice would be to simply keep practicing. set stream entry as your goal and note your ass off. get your butt into a retreat setting, if possible, and go for that.

alles gute!