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Is it possible to 'magick' the opposite sex into finding you attractive? Or one person in particular? 
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Well without getting into the ethical nitty gritty of using magick to make a person attracted to you  or even the remote possibility of it happening here are my thoughts. I am unsure whether this question is asked theoretically or for advice so I have divided my answer into two portions. 

For practical portion:
I am not 100% sure that using magick to make a person attracted to you is good nor remotely effective , of course my opinion is based on my admittingly own knowledge. We all influence each other through the way our body stands when communicating , through the clothes we wear , through the car that we drive  etc. We all show something to someone through all of that in the sense that for example by wearing appropriately  , a person may make another person think that they are  sophisticated , well put together etc. That influence is seen by some as already a form of magick ala Lon Milo Duquette etc.Therefore if for example you dress well to the date with this person you are already doing the work. 

But some believe that through magick they can influence people through rituals  , potions etc. Based on what they say it can make people attracted to them or a person attracted to them .  I am unsure about this personally but some subscribe to it.  I mean love magic is as old as time , ala heracles and deianeira or PGM. Even here in my country  which is mainly Catholic  , it would be very easy to look something like that up online.  It has lasted the test of time which of course can either be attributed to its effectiveness or just plain human story of unrequited love and the lengths we go through for love . If youre interested in this there are a lot of online discussion on forums online that you can join.

For advice portion: 

Since I have been to some occult forums and dabbled on it the advice is always first have you done the mundane? ( Which have been unrelated to matters of attraction  but the questions springs up a lot )The mundane methods are far more effective  and will probably the only thing needed to  achieving your goals. Read up on fashion and dress up  good  , brush up on your interpersonal/social/communication skills. I am not saying that you should or should not but making youself attractive may it be physical ( Being fit or dressing good) or social( Good personality , good interpersonal skills) go a very long way .  I do not believe that making a person attracted to you through magic is any good  lens to look this issue through. I have read about using magick to influence but not where the advice is to use magick first. 

If you want this person specifically maybe ask them out? Try to hang out with them with of course the disclaimer that acting like a creep will make them averse to you.  I mean since we are in a meditation forum might as well bring that in here. A person who is kind , well organized  ,mentally healthy  and mentally  and physically present are attractive. All of which can be achieved through meditation. If this person is not attracted to you then practice letting go , if it comes one day it will go. Three marks  : impermanence , no self and dukkha.  

Whatever your aim may be in asking this question , hopefully my answer could have helped even for a little bit. 
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In general, in all magickal traditions I know of, using magick to control a specific person in any way is considered off limits & unethical.  Using magick to increase ones own charisma in a broad sense (then "come what may" in terms of other people ) can be found in Buddhist tantra, with the practice of magnetizing deities & their associated practices.  The ultimate idea for these practices is that the activity of magnetizing (one of the 4 activities) is ultimately to draw others to the dharma for the benefit of all (even if your own attractiveness increases on the way).  I also am aware that in western magickal traditions there are a variety of approaches to boosting this & that this is a popular motivation which doesnt have the same ethical foundation, necessarily.
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As far as atracting a particular person goes: I subscribe to the view that you cannot affect anothers will through magickal means unless it is their will that they be affected, i.e they already want what you are attempting to influence. At which point the magick would not be necesary. I have attempted what you are inquring about in the past and it blew up in my face. Fundementally attracting a mate is all about self-concept, as in "how do you view yourself?". If you don't view yourself as desirable the operation will be fraught with turbulance, as the energies you have set in motion struggle against your own internal universe. 

As far as a general operation to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, without a specific person in mind. That's totally fine.