Andrew Holecek Interview - 'Nocturnal Meditation' - Guru Viking Podcast

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Andrew Holecek Interview - 'Nocturnal Meditation' - Guru Viking Podcast

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New podcast episode with Andrew Holecek!

Of interest to this board is some quite detailed phenomenological reports of Andrew's personal journey - including spiritual breakthroughs followed by multi-year 'dark nights' (mappable?),  occult themes, and 'natural state' type ideas. 


In this episode I am joined by Andrew Holecek, author, spiritual teacher, and expert on lucid dreaming and the Tibetan yogas of dream and sleep.
In this interview, Andrew reveals his childhood fascination with the occult, including seances, Ouija boards, and channellers such as Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts.
We learn how a series of powerful spiritual openings set Andrew on a quest into the world’s mystical traditions, eventually to find a home in the practices of Tibetan Buddhism.
Andrew discusses the limitations of scientific materialism, the similarities and differences between his training as a concert pianist and the discipline of meditation, and gives a lucid dreaming primer for those in lockdown.
Andrew also shares his thinking on the role of lineage in religion, the recent scandals in the Buddhist tradition, and reflects on his own departure from the controversial religious organisation Shambala after decades of study.
Also available on Youtube, iTunes, & Spotify – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.

Topics Include:01:30 - Childhood interest in the occult 
04:09 - Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts’ Seth Materia
06:05 - Powerful experience with Transcendental Meditation 
07:24 - Practicing seances and using ouija boards 
11:16 - Inspiration from the Kung Fu TV series 
13:27 - Dimensional travel and contacting entities in lucid dreams 
18:39 - Is ‘the West’ equivalent to scientific materialism? 
28:53 - Similarities and differences between Andrew’s concert piano training and meditation 
32:54 - Lucidity is the natural state 
37:07 - Andrew’s profound spiritual opening into rigpa
40:30 - Post-awakening crash 
43:19 - Conversion to Buddhism 
44:44 - Reasons for leaving Shambala 
46:50 - Travels in Asia and connecting to teachers 
50:28 - Studies in non-dual Shaiva tantra
51:28 - Why is lineage backing important?
58:48 - Does Andrew have lineage backing?
1:02:53 - Seeing problems in Shambala and deciding to leave
1:07:15 - Andrew’s reflections on abuse by spiritual teachers 
1:10:35 - Andrew’s lockdown lucid dreaming guide 
1:20:58 - The Night Club 3.0