RE: Problems with Energy/Sleep

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Problems with Energy/Sleep

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I had a mini-awakening yesterday that involved a lot of energy and now I am having trouble sleeping. I don't feel sleepy either mentally or energetically but my body is sore in a lot of places, which is often what happens when I am sleep-deprived.  Any help in regards to how I may be able to solve/understand this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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RE: Problems with Energy/Sleep

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I am not sure as to what you mean by mini - awakening. Some meditation experiences create agitation in the mind and thus prevent sleep.
Try the following:
1. lie down supine, eyes closed
2. Be generally aware of the weight of your body
3. Take slightly slower slightly deeper abdominal / diaphragmatic breaths
4. On the outbreath start noticing the relaxation of the diaphragm
5. Coinciding with the outbreath start relaxing the muscles in your head and face particularly the brow, the eyelids and the jaw
6. Similarly start relaxing all the major muscles in your body
7. Notice that the body is a lump of clay, it carries tension becasue the mind carries 'readiness'. Readiness to 'do'
8. Migrate to putting down the 'readiness' you carry in your mind
9. Dont control your attention, let objects self select. When ever attention lands on an object, notice the desire to engage and put down this desire
10. You may spend the whole night doing this - it creates relaxation in the body and eventually leads to 'stillness' in the mind
11. Don't fight hypnogogia, simply refuse to participate in anything

The objective of the exercise is to stay in a state of physical and mental homeostasis. If sleep happens, it happens. Dont try to force sleep - you cant.
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RE: Problems with Energy/Sleep

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I am not completely familiar with what terms I should be using, perhaps it was a second jhana though; although I am not sure. Or more likely a second, milder A&P. What's relavent to this conversation is that it gave me a lot of energy that made it hard to sleep. Your suggestion sounds similar to a Michael Taft sleep meditation video I tried, and although it helped quite a bit it still didn't resolve the problem. Although I think I'll be able to get sleep more naturally over time, I'd still like a solution to the problem as it comes up every single time I make a lot of progress on the spiritual path: I get a lot of mental energy but not much physical energy, and that makes me unable to sleep, which further causes my body to feel like crap, even though my mind feels better than normal.
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RE: Problems with Energy/Sleep

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Hi and welcome,

The suggestion that Shinzen gives in this video was very helpful for me. You may find it helpful too.

I have two kinds of manifestation related to sleep too, one is that the energy and mindfulness is higher because of practice, so there is no sleepiness. Other is that although I've had enough sleep, all muscles in my body are sore and very painful, like I haven't slept for 3 days. The best thing that I've found is to just accept it and relax, and live with it, and find what is restful in the experience and bring it to the foreground.
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RE: Problems with Energy/Sleep

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I found it very helpful, thank you.
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RE: Problems with Energy/Sleep

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I know that feeling. Inability to fall asleep happens to me when letting the piti sustain for too long and too intensely in jhana.  The only thing I've found that somewhat works is deep breathing exercises: Lay down on your back and take deep slow breaths, and imagine you're breathing out the energy with every exhale. This didn't completely dissipate the energy for me but it was still an easy enough exercise to mitigate it a little. 

It seems that to dissipate the energy completely you'll just have to wait it out. This can be frustrating and why it's a thing for people to skip over the 1st jhana with its strong piti and consequent side effects. ​​​​​​​

However, one thing I haven't researched much are energy practises like Qi gong. There may be some movements that can dispel, lessen, or move the energy to where it's not so much an issue with sleeping.