applying "frequency busting" to the breath, harder than I thought

Scott Kinney, modified 3 Months ago.

applying "frequency busting" to the breath, harder than I thought

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I've been using the "frequency busting" approach from Daniel's book in some meditation sessions.  Short version: with focus on both index fingers, watch where the "recognition" of each finger is at any point in time, how quickly does it cycle between the two.

In my attempts at this, I'll watch the two index fingers' sensations, and it will speed up until it hits a point where I'm really watching rhythm instead of individual sensations (another way to say that; you can pay attention to where you put your feet going downstairs only up to a certain speed, to go faster on the stairs you aren't aware of your steps so much as the rhythm of the steps)

I will add two other fingers, or my thumbs, or the balls of my feet on the floor. three points of contact on both sides of my body (or 6 altogether) is about all I can manage at the moment.

When I switch to watching the sensations of breathing it's more challenging than just watching points of contact.

Any tips other than "more practice"?