RE: Concerns for Daniel and community regarding police state

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Concerns for Daniel and community regarding police state

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I am a long time lurker of this site, I decided I had to join after watching Daniel on a podcast regarding CE5 experiences that was recently recorded. 
Daniel's book changed my life, I think it is one of the best books ever written.  It was a revelation to see him on video and listen to him for the first time. 
Sadly, I bring grim warnings and dire news I have learned from more than a few difficult inquiries into present reality.  
We must be capable of pealing back the surface level appearances and dealing with the underlying truths of some of these emerging social forms that have begun to dominate human culture.  
I spent a lot of time, for instance, investigating the "Rainbow Gathering." What is intended to be a holdover peace movement of free association that started in the 1960s.  I first started attending, looking for a real alternative to the feeling that passively I was part of a global, murderous war effort after 9/11. 
In 2017 I finally realized the entire movement had been taken over by police undercovers, and when I went to Oregon every experience I had was forms of entrapment to see if I was some kind of murderer myself.  The police distribute drugs and then see what kind of crime you might commit. 
In 2013, however, I met someone I thought was a friend.  And this friend introduced me to both retreats, of which I have now completed three, as well as MCTB.  This friend eventually betrayed me in a devastating way and revealed that he is also an agent of some kind who had been infiltrating the rainbow gathering.   
I left the country after realizing how so much of my experience had been fake, a trap.  I came to many realizations when I had some time to sit and ponder in europe, away from everything.  That many of the mean tricksters I had encountered through websites like craigslist, facebook and reddit were not all just random evil people I had met, but that there was a real concerted effort to attack the lives of people like myself.  If you study the company known as Palantir, and how this aggregates all of your data and feeds it to the agencies known to do these type of 'cointelpro' operations against activists, especially peaceful ones and ones who have a history of organizing, as I do, it is easy to see how nearly invisible programs of oppression and harassment could exist. 
If you cannot see this, I really doubt you as a person.  So many times I have tried to report it, I have been told I am insane for one reason or another for even thinking so, even though this mountain of evidence exists it is happening. It is the script of said agents to reflect any such discussion back on the person who has seen the evidence, as paranoia.  And ultimately to isolate and disturb the unwanted person until they are excluded from society and possibly interned.  
In 2020, after three employment experiences in Germany where I had experience various other kinds of harassment and bizarre disruptive behavior of my professional life in my information tech career, I decided to try living in an intentional community I found through the website 
I went to an ecohacker farm, where I thought my beliefs in sustainable energy and abilities in tech would be a welcome addition to their efforts, especially as the lockdown was starting.  Instead I found more harassment and bizarre behavior, baiting me into arguments, yelling at me, and refusal to have any discussion of anything going on in the world.  
I tried to discuss what was happening with the contacts at, but my emails and questions were not answered. 
I strongly suspect that people such as us involved in the dharma culture, meditators, seekers, and what society might call hippies or psychonauts, are being lured into these places like numundo, gatherings, also burning man, and other festival events, for control and various forms of attack, covert and overt in nature.  I do not suspect it, I know it, but I say that I suspect it to cushion it for whoever is reading.  In a way, I have learned I cannot simply state my truth and observable fact, I have been so abused verbally for even trying to do so.  
This backstory leads to the other day, as I watch someone I admire, and who has helped me immensely, discuss having his brain 'scanned' at harvard this summer, and freely discusses psychonautic topics with someone who uses facebook as a primary promotional method.  
Of all of the people who were suspect, and who have attacked my life, all of them were devoted to facebook as a useful tool and mocked anyone who wanted to avoid it for any reason. 
The person interviewing daniel, fit the profile of someone who really should not be trusted, who has no background in any movement, lures people into discussing their personal inner journeys in public or in panopticon software where it will be absorbed by Palantir and other such tools of oppression.  
Further, Harvard is far from a trustworthy institution now.  Charles Lieber is deeply involved in the coronavirus scandal, whatever is happening. He was arrested and the story of it was erased post-facto from the state department website. 
These people have every interest in luring out anyone who practices insight, or other forms of exploration, and then using that against them if they cannot in one way or another be used to further their goals.  At this point these goals can only be described as a totalitarian control mechanism, that has no use for independent thought or non-controlled criticism.  
The writings of John C. Lily come to mind, that we are dealing with a potential solid state entity, or something like the borg from star trek.  People such as Bill Gates have been researching nano-tech for use in the human body, as well as mind control.  
I do not think it is skillful or wise for anyone to be brain scanned by these people, or have open discussions with them on facebook or any other such platform.  Our internal minds and dialogues are our primary tool to protect ourselves, and maybe society, from tyranny.  You cannot oppose an enemy if the enemy knows all of your secrets.  If your enemy can outright make a copy of you with your help, would that not be giving up?  If your enemy can just mock you for having past lives as a skunk or having talked with aliens, how do you expect to have a professional life if every potential employer can read that when they pay for your background check?  
Further, if every attempt of those who do want a different world, who do believe in peaceful evolution, and symbiotic interaction use the tools of the enemy to organize, how could we ever succeed?  I have seen over two decades how my every attempt to do so was undermined, disrupted, and used to destroy my life.  
I come here as a sort of last resort, on the DhO miscellaneous page, reaching out to a community I immensely respect, hoping for some ideas for what can be done, albeit in the eye of those watching who intend to even use this against us, no doubt.  
And maybe my report to the greater community, I sacrificed a lot to learn these things and I am surprised I have made it this far.  Daniel says the world is "challenging", but when you are dealing with the united states army that has unlimited resources to make sure your life goals are not accomplished, I wonder if that word suffices.  The list of cruel psychological torments they have put me through at this point, and the fear I have to live with knowing what they are capable of, and how much they clearly despise me, and the truth, is quite a burden on top of the other Dark Night stuff I already try to wade out of. 
I wrote a book to try to help others, and deal with it myself, actually 4 books, and I have tried to promote them, but I have been censored at over a dozen websites for trying to do so.  
Here they are, 
mental self defense
definitions for important words
collection of memes
4 short dramatic works
But if you were to read just one thing, this may help you identify people in your life who are not real, and I promise you they are infiltrating and abundant in dharma culture and places like the festival scene:

My efforts to keep a homepage up failed as no one contributed, as there was no place I could promote my work without dealing with forum trolls and disinformation strategies to prevent my work from being seen.  

I believe that their efforts, regardless of how ignorant those on the lower rungs of the control mechanism might be, are indicative of a dominant cult at the higher levels of our society which is trying to stamp out any alternative that might question it, and plays with people like us at a cat might toy with a mouse, before it eats it.  And I feel from it a distinctly demonic energy, for what that may be worth to you.  
I hope at the least Daniel sees this and reconsiders his friendly brain scan appointment, at the center of this the culture which epitomizes these things.
I encourage everyone else who reads it to get google, facebook, discord and fake networking tools like numundo out of your life and seek and create other alternatives.   
Anyone else who might wonder how I am doing, I think I am blacklisted and cannot find a job. My resume no longer brings responses, and as my last 3 jobs have resulted in various forms of professional attack against me, I am not at all certain how I will be able to survive.  The new order being implemented does not need, writers, musicians, or system administrators who help people use private alternatives to surveillance tech, or apparently want to hear anything else I have to say.
Which is as ominous and forboding as it is tragic.  
Any suggestions for skillful methods forward, will be heartily considered.
Thank you for considering my witness, and to the community for providing useful words for me over the years. 
J. Michael
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RE: Concerns for Daniel and community regarding police state

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To add further context, and since in the week since I posted this not one of the nearly 300 people who read it has had had any response, I thought I would share this infuriating article about a man who took his own life.

Notice how the "mental health" establishment and drugs he was given did nothing but make his problem worse. Notice how is own brother pretends like he did everything to help him when he basically phoned in his feeble attempt to find push button, external, superficial resolutions to the issue.  Notice how his failure to find or keep work is entirely blamed on the individual, that there is no mention of the absurd, callous and mechanistic anti-social environment at places of work.  "Poor self-image" is how his own brother summarizes why he must have gotten fired from his jobs, which sounds like complete bullshit.  

The man described sounds like he could have benefited in every way from at least a 10 day vipassana course, but really probably would have benefitted from a 3 month course at IMS or other places suggested by MCTB.  

Consider that this is just one story and that there is an epidemic of people, people who should be the backbone of society, people who historically in other generations have thrived in middle age, from the social and economic classes that were otherwise least likely to harm themselves.  

Consider that this happened as over 50 years, the middle class has disappeared, and has been siphoned to the upper classes and international corporate entities that have no loyalty or care whatesoever for the united states or any of its citizens, if it does not outright intend to dissolve it.  Consider also that over the entire plandemic, orchestrated by the same people, the rate of siphoning has only increased.  

As at least one prominent writer has said, humans are goal-oriented people, and in the absence of goals to accomplish or the ability to socially or economically advance, to be impoverished and have to work at "entry-level" "dead end" jobs, human motivation will fail, and this is a mathematical certainly.   People from some ethnic, political and genetic heritages more than others.  

So as believers in the teachings of the buddha, are we teaching and practicing equanimity as a form of accepting slavery and being doormats to oppression? "The buddha teaches how to be the perfect slave," or worse "The buddha teaches you how to be the perfect enforcer of tyranny and will help you emotionally deal with beinga stasi agent who politically persecutes thought criminals."  Or even worse "The buddha helps you accept the meaningless of your life."  

To a large extent buddhism, especially in the united states, has been allowed because of the freedom of religion, and no establishment of religion being allowed, but is buddhism and insight practice going to silently watch these rights being taken away, as is happening? As cults, who are as evil as they are illegal, take all the reigns of power?      

Frankly, in light of these issues and other things I have stated above, much of what I have observed to be buddhism, dharma culture, and especially the "jet set" dharma crowd, are at the very least failures, and at worst, complicit in extreme violations of the Sila and betrayal of the Sanga.  

For one, the sanga has failed me, I am completely isolated in this society wide mass mania.  I do not think this is Dark Night stuff from my viewpoint, I feel pretty ok at the moment, I say these things from what appears and feels like to me at least, a balanced head.

Here is something else I recently posted regarding recent events.  This is as level headed and calm as I can respond to the radical, and sinister, changes that are being imposed upon us, that threatens all of our ability to pursue truth, spirituality and mental health, as guided by our inner lights and buddha nature.

I can understand if it is your skillful means not to respond and to discuss or ponder these things on your own.  But I wonder if you are afraid to speak up?  I wonder if you think it is skillful if everyone who rejects this mania tries to ride it out in silence?  If you should abandon the sanga to your own solo plan?   If you think everyone else's problems are everyone else's problems and that nothing buddhism or any other spirituality addresses any of these issues?  

I would certainly like to hear your any of you thoughts, and am at least glad no one here has in the last week demonstrated forum sliding or psywar tactics in response to my post, as has very, very often been the case everywhere these issues are discussed on the internet.  
I will continue to post here until I am no longer able or general things stabilize in some rational way, which seems quite unlikely.    
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RE: Concerns for Daniel and community regarding police state

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I knew a man (Travis Schvochert) who had advanced knowledge of biochemistry. I've made enormous progress in recovering from a debilitating disease thanks to reading his posts.

He was active on online forums posting controversial information regarding allergens in vaccines, etc.  He mentioned that he was being stalked and harassed online by paid agents. So I believe your story.  ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Regarding your troubles in making a living, have you considered changing your name and working in Japan? I've heard that there are lots of IT jobs there.
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RE: Concerns for Daniel and community regarding police state

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So as believers in the teachings of the buddha, are we teaching and practicing equanimity as a form of accepting slavery and being doormats to oppression? "The buddha teaches how to be the perfect slave," or worse "The buddha teaches you how to be the perfect enforcer of tyranny and will help you emotionally deal with beinga stasi agent who politically persecutes thought criminals."  Or even worse "The buddha helps you accept the meaningless of your life."

Those are important questions which I'd be interested in reading more discussion on. I think it boils down to the classic challenge of balancing the Two Truths. On one hand, ultimately there is no basis for these mind-made worries of slavery, meaninglessness and tyranny. On the other hand, because our default mode of existence is cyclic, we must act in a disciplined, deliberate way to break free. Our basic nature, the Buddha matrix, is not just characterized by emptiness. It's present always with energetic output, i.e. infinite potential for compassionate wisdom. It's challenging for me to recognize that. I'm inclined towards the emptiness aspect, believing non-harming and non-doing to be the surest form of ethical conduct.

There is a common theme to my 12 years of Buddhist practice. Opening to reality always brings with it a kind of "rug pulled from underneath" experience. We discover to our disbelief that the very ground on which we seem to stand is not so solid or real after all. It collapses beneath us. In other words the basic assumptions underlying our thoughts and actions turn out to be false. As we practice, a path opens out ahead of us and we feel some comfort in the idea that we just need to follow this path over the horizon and we will reach the final destination. But then the path starts to circle back on itself. We circle and circle until at last we fall to our knees in exhaustion and cast our eyes down in despair. Only then do we question the very existence of the ground. With further practice this too collapses, and on and on. Eventually we are in a state of free fall, and with no ground what is left that is falling?

So how this pertains to your post is that it's pointing out that any story we tell ourselves about reality ultimately turns out to be fictional. We'll spin and spin around this story like a piece of driftwood caught in a whirlpool until something drastic comes along to change our course. The story you're caught up in currently seems to be characterized by suspicion, paranoia, and conspiracy. I don't mean to affirm or dismiss it; that is beside the point. Everyone participating in civilization is caught up in some kind of story. The point is to go beyond the starry-eyed clinging to stories of any kind by employing Buddhist techniques which reveal their emptiness, impermanence and unsatisfactoriness.

Aside from meditation practice, if you've got a lot of intellectual energy, you could try exposing your mind to stories that are looking at the world from a completely different point of view. For example, I read recently an absolutely mind-blowing book by the sociologist William Catton called Overshoot. It views humanity from an ecological perspective, as just one among many other species who are all subject to the same basic limitations, such as a tendency to over-reproduce in response to some new form of energy/food supply (e.g. fossil fuels). They are making a different set of assumptions to support their narrative.

Another question you could try asking yourself: is this the most important thing I should be concerned with, or is this a way of distracting myself from issues of greater importance which I feel less comfortable about dealing with? For me, Buddhist practice is when I feel like I've hit bedrock in terms of significance, and a level up from that is taking action on climate chaos and environmental destruction. Without radical action on a global scale on that front in the next few years, we could pass a threshold of spiralling feedback loops causing ever-greater greenhouse gas emissions, eventually resulting in crop failures, mass migrations, wars, and a general collapse of civilization. Literally there could be only a billion people remaining by the end of the century. Even the UN Secretary General described our current impact on the planet as "suicidal".
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RE: Concerns for Daniel and community regarding police state

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Hey, thanks for posting. Don't have the time now to address everything in your posts, as working hard on these projects and, but can say a few things now:

1) The Harvard study was devised by me and a good friend whom I know well and will be ethical. We have created the protocol, found the money, helped design the analysis algorithms, will have the data and control its distribution, etc. It is our study, and I also happen to be a study subject. I know and have had a hand in picking and recruiting the people who will collect the data, do the analysis, write up the results, etc. These are all friend and colleagues that I trust. So, if some bad actor has figured out a way to fool me and use this for nefarious purposes, color me impressed.

2) Yes, narcs, moles, and the like abound in scenes such as those you mention. Such has been the case, is the case, and will be the case.

3) I profoundly distrust FaceBook and have never had an account there, and working hard to get all my friends off of WhatsApp and onto Signal and Telegram.

4) Very sorry that you have been harrassed and the like: ouch. The realm of samsara ruled by the demon Mara: what do you expect? ;) I also get various forms of harrassment, and the occasional death threat, in fact, so I get it.

5) It is not only the police state that work at character assassination, spread misleading information, and the like, but also groups like Mindfulness, as noted in the hit piece article about me last May. There will always be sectarian and political groups fighting dirty to try to control the narrative, perception, ontologies, orthodoxies, paradigms, money, power, and the like. Such is also life, and the ancient texts bear out that this is not new.

Best wishes,