The Enlightenment Button - feat. Shinzen, Chelsey Fasano, & Dr Sanguinetti

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The Enlightenment Button - feat. Shinzen, Chelsey Fasano, & Dr Sanguinetti

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In this new episode I host part 5 of an ongoing trialogue between:

- Shinzen Young, meditation teacher and neuroscience research consultant
- Chelsey Fasano, a Columbia University neuroscience student
- Dr Jay Sanguinetti, Assistant Director for the Center for Consciousness Studies and Research Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico.
We discuss topics such as is there an enlightenment button and is it enough, extracting the essence of religious approaches, multi-dimensional integration after enlightenment, a deep dive on trauma and the no-self, and more. 

This podcast is also available on Youtube, iTunes, & Spotify – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.

Topics Include:
00:00 - Intro
00:41 - Is there an enlightenment button and is it enough?
03:46 - The scope of the enlightenment button
09:01 - How deep can a state level change go?
11:24 - Spontaneous awakening trends 
14:21 - Extracting the essence 
17:18 - Operationalising enlightenment and the context of awakening
20:53 - Embodied interdependent cognition and integration 
24:43 - Wilber’s ‘clean up, grow up, wake up’
27:16 - Shinzen comments on Wilber’s formulation 
29:42 - Shinzen responds to criticisms of modern mindfulness
34:43 - Embedding the practice 38:30 - Can no-self reinforce trauma?
41:00 - Harnessing reward systems for meditation 42:29 - Defining no-self
44:09 - Multi-dimensional self alteration 
47:29 - Shinzen on trauma and the dying process
58:30 - The Christian religious experience 
1:00:12 - Pattern completion and changing relationship to trauma 
​​​​​​​1:08:55 - After enlightenment, why heal?