What is this awareness state?

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What is this awareness state?

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Hi everyone, long time lurker here emoticon

Can anyone identify this experience that seems to be happening more and more lately?

I start going through the Jhanas, or just sinking into a kind of open-spacious-wellbeing and then perhaps start noticing the characteristic of anatta in the body, vedana, perception etc and then turn the mind toward “awareness” of the body/vedana etc and there will be a shift of perspective. Sometimes there will be a kind of energetic feeling movement from the head to the heart region before a quite noticeable “click” as the process completes. Other times, it happens gradually over a few seconds to 30secs but the end result is the same (though it can range from very clean/clear to not so clean/clear) — I end up feeling slightly “removed” from the body/mind and less invested in whatever is going on in it. Wherever I am in the Jhanas or insight stages will just continue on its own without any help form me, but it seems I can still interact with it. For example I can notice anatta in the body but to a much more thorough feeling degree, with that feeling of being outside of it, less invested in it etc. Or I can initiate a body can and just let it happen. I can think just fine, but the thoughts are very crisp feeling, very “removed” again lol..

I don’t appear to be able to expand this state/awareness/presence/whatever though. It seems fairly close to the body and so far, doesn’t want to budge. 

Ring any bells?

And if so, is it useful? How so? What can I try with it?

Thanks so much,