MTCB2 - Creating a compilation of Daniel's key quotes about warnings, etc.

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MTCB2 - Creating a compilation of Daniel's key quotes about warnings, etc.

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Hi everyone,

I thought, because of a better overview, it would be good to start a new thread about the topic mentioned in the header. The idea, which came from Daniel, is to create a compilation of all warnings/traps/pitfalls that Daniel mentions in his book. If you're interested in the why - the original post can be found here.  In the original topic, Daniel wrote the following:

So, I don't generally ask for much, but I was wondering, is there anyone would be willing to volunteer to compile a list of all the key quotes from MCTB2 that tell people to chill out, seek help, stop practicing, maintain balance, listen to softer (more Yin) teachers and books, don't take advice out of context for the individual practicioner (such as don't take advice to make lots of effort to heart if you are already making too much effort, etc.)

Maybe some of you are are interested in getting this compilation done. Therefore it's necessary to scan the whole book for quotes, where Daniel tells the reader to chill out, seek help, stop praciticing, maintain balance, etc.

How to organize it: There are a few online text-editor programs available which allow multiple/simultaneous editing. I think that would be the easiest solution. But therefore I will need the e-Mail adress of those, who wanna help. If you're interested, send me an e-Mail ( and let me know which chapter you wanna read and scan for the above mentioned quotes. I will then send you the link to edit the document.

You can find the pdf-version of MTCB2 here.

Some hints about the document:
please keep your text formatting like in the picture below if possible. Thank you. p. 103 (127) means: page 103 = the page in the book and 127 is the pdf-page.

I will also write an update about which chapters are already done, which chapters are in progress, and which ones are not done yet.

Chapters done:
Chapter xxi: Foreword and warning;
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 17: Introduction to parts two trough five
Chapter 30: Subchapter 11
Chapters in progress:
Chapter 30 (Linda "Polly Ester" Ö, A. Dietrich Ringle)
Chapters not done:
Chapters 2-16; 
​​​​​​​Chapters 31-72;