Is this Cessation?

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Is this Cessation?

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Yesterday I did meditation where I practiced moving through access concentration and the jhanas. This was serenity meditation, I was not trying to investigate the three characteristics. But I had the following experience afterwards:

My usual routine after sitting is to stretch my legs, mark how long I sat in my phone, then get up and collapse on my bed for a few minutes while the pins-and-needles subside. I stare at my curtain across the room and notice how clear and crisp are its folds and how vivid its colours are.

A strange thing happened this time. I was peacefully watching/staring at the curtains for some time and then I strongly felt the sensation of the first thought object that came into my mind (its content I can't remember). I realised that I had been bathing in a complete absence (cessation?) of self/intent and that that thought was the first re-construction of my SELF as Luke. I felt a few more thoughts individually, and then heard my wife walking around the house, and that solidified Luke's self and I got up to continue the tasks of the day.

Was this last experience what people mean when they say they experience cessation? I am definitely open to being told "no, you're wrong." :-)

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RE: Is this Cessation?

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As you were having sense-experiences (watching the curtain) as always, this does not sound like cessation.

Would you be interested in describing your experience in further detail?