Karma is Trauma

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Karma is Trauma

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Kaloyan (who is also a member of the community) and I have recorded a podcast about karma.

Karma is trauma: https://anchor.fm/rosa-lewis/episodes/Karma-is-Trauma--with-Kaloyan-e17ehi2

We explore what karma is, how it manifests and how we've worked with it, including healing masculine and feminine energies and cultivating a shared space of mutual respect.

This builds on some of the things I discussed in the last podcast that Daniel and I recorded.
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RE: Karma is Trauma

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Hey Rosa, it was a great pleasure chatting to you!!!

I hope this can be useful for people who are willing to go deeper in terms of psychological/emotional/energetic clean-up as part of their practice. Or people who are curious about how karmic/transpersonal stuff can show-up as part of that.

Thanks for organising this, editing the podcast and sharing it emoticon