Disconnect of sensations

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Disconnect of sensations

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I have been sitting for a year and a half now. My sits have not had booms or explosions for a long time. I'm not sure if I have just become naturally relaxed now but the feeling of when the meditative state takes hold doesn't feel as drastically relaxing anymore, now it's more subtle.

I had a particularly long 2 hour sit a few weeks ago, it was really unbearable to get through it, but my sitting times had been getting shorter and shorter and I told myself a long sit would get me on track.

Since that sit I've kind of been falling into a meditative statish feeling just randomly throughout the day. Looking back lately I have really developed a sense of isolating sensations. Like I will feel my body and everything else goes quite, listen to my mind and everything else goes quieter, that sensation begins magnifying, etc with all the senses. I am feeling more of a seperation now that is hard not to notice even when not meditating.

Like instead of being caught in the blur that is created when all sense and the mind are going at once now I'm almost always keyed in on one sense or another throughout my day, if that analogy sounds apt. It's just becoming natural for my mind to do this, I don't intend on trying to do it throughout the day, it just spontaneously starts happening.