Bright colors glow and look amazing, proportional to day's meditation time

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Bright colors glow and look amazing, proportional to day's meditation time

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Background: occasional meditation for a few years; 2 years ago starting working through Waking Up, then got into samadhi practices such as fire kasina, just plain looking at a candle flame, and then Rob Burbea's energy body work up to some second jhanic flavored experiences. This was for about 1-2 years, high doses (at least 500 hours), during a very stressful time. In the last few months I hadn't been doing much formal sitting, but had been practicing being present in the moment with attention on various things, and some occasional energy/physical body work (can't explain briefly).

A couple weeks ago, just before the stress massively downgraded due to a life change, I woke up one morning feeling extremely present, like I was in the kind of meditative state that happens after an hour or two of cushion time. This has happened to me occasionally but never this strong - when it happens I do my best to maintain it until the day makes it otherwise.

So I went out to an elevator, and was fascinated by the textures of the wood and brushed metal. I walked outside and saw an orange traffic cone, and it was as if that bright orange glowed even brighter. It was gorgeous - my jaw dropped and I just stopped and stared. Then I looked at some bright colored flowers, and again was entranced. The experience has continued for 2.5 weeks since then, and it is very noticeable that the degree of "glow" is proportional to meditation (including simple presence practices) time, and time since that meditaiton - ie as if it "builds up" when present and then "decays" - but at a good ratio, like 30 minutes of meditation will produce a medium-low noticeable glow for hours. Flourescent colors glow the most - road sign orange & yellow look incredible, noticeable with even mild glow, bright pink jackets, and reds. I'm able to detect subtle glows on most colors and textures especially when the "glow" is high but they are much less entrancing. Strongest morning and evening close to bed/wake (normal for me).

It is textures as well as colors, not other senses except sound associated with a texture (a cardboard box on my shoulder that scraped my stubble was an amazing combination of sound and texture and feeling - I stopped and did it for a minute. Looked like a loon.)

At first I wondered if it related to coming out of depression, since it blunts senses. But it varies so clearly with meditation it is clearly related to that. But in the last few days I've noticed taste and smell being stronger, so now I think it could be both - sharper senses plus meditation.

I am doing my best to enjoy it without attachment, knowing that it came and it will almost certainly go. I'm just curious if this fits into maps and such in any way, or if others have had similar experiences, or opinions on what is going on. Is "luminosity" the right term for this? Thanks!
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RE: Bright colors glow and look amazing, proportional to day's meditation t

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Yeah luminosity, nice emoticon

Waxes and wanes, depending on conditions

If you wanted to map it, you could probably peg it broadly at A&P.
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RE: Bright colors glow and look amazing, proportional to day's meditation t

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Being mesmerized by colors sounds like what I have.
Orange was one of the first colors which started glowing. Pretty much all colors you mentioned. Least green or blue but over time these developed also. These colors can glow so much I feel taste and feel their fragrance (they feel 'heavenly'). Literally my whole existence melts seeing some colors and composition of colors. Though actually first color which felt differently in this way was no any color but white. At first white sticked out as something I actually felt while other colors I just saw and this also made it look completely different. Then colors followed.

Not everyone focuses as much on these effects because these effects do not manifest the same in everyone and there is threshold of activation which makes them really noticed and past which person cannot just ignore this direction. You might have already passed this threshold so congratulations. Since I had this colorful experience this made me think "so what do people focus on if not this?" and the answer is quite simple: the same things but expressed differently emoticon

BTW. Luminosity is more like quality of self-knowledge that arising consciousnesses have. It is not necessarily related to these colorful experiences but you should have some luminosity in your mind if you are at the level you can manifest these colorful experiences. For example my experience can have not much vibrant colors but still mind can have so much luminosity it feels like having active quasar in mind. This is in general level sense and on specific quality sense each type of experience which you are aware of and its qualities, how they make or break the experiences add up to the light you have in mind. The more you know about yourself the stronger the light becomes.

Knowledge of this experience you have and ability to have it is a good one. It allows to make experience lots of things. I experienced it for the first time 16 years ago and invested in it with very good results.
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RE: Bright colors glow and look amazing, proportional to day's meditation t

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What you describe is not luminosity.

Check out my framework of awakening posts....there is a list of most of the eye upgrades

Have fun!