Bill - Practice log?

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Bill - Practice log?

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I'm compelled to start a practice log again to motivate me to practice more!

Nice to see this site's had a mobile upgrade. Shout out to Daniel for keeping it all going!

Like a dip in the ocean 
I'm amazed at what a difference a bit of yoga and meditation can make to my day. I can only compare it to a dip in the ocean - imagine how refreshed and changed you might feel after a morning swim. It might change your whole day / leave you feeling brighter and more appreciative. 
I'm so struck by the change in my mood. An overall better feeling. Waves of appreciation of how lucky I am to be healthy, warm, clothed, fed. I'm struck by how we live better than Kings and Queens these days, but most of us are so unappreciative and miserable. 
What a life. 

Anyhow, this is a reminder to myself not to neglect the practice. Things I need to do:

- Get off tech in the evening and get back into practice of some kind 
- Make room in the mornings for at least 20 minutes of meditation.