Have I got into Access Concentration?

Iulian Doroftei, modified 1 Year ago at 9/17/22 8:12 AM
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Have I got into Access Concentration?

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Hey everybody, I will be very brief and hope will be helped to know where I stand with my progress (if any).

I had 3 years pause in meditating (pandemy issues) and lost my touch with my previous progress. I restarted recently and I am not sure if I got back on the right path.
My first objective has been to get into access concentration state and, after about 2 months of 1-2 hours/day I finally found myself into a sort of cocoon of comfort and peacefulness but I am not sure if this is just a state of pleasant drowsiness or the real AC. The shift from the grind of breathing in and out to this state was a bit like falling asleep for one second after which I became awake and aware within that cocoon of calm and peace (I can't find another comparison).

My questions are: is this acces concentration, or just a sort of half-awake sleepiness? Also: if on the right path, what should I do next in order to consolidate this state?

​​​​​​​Thank you!