RE: Spontaneous Mudras & movement

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Spontaneous Mudras & movement

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I’m having intense spontaneous movement happening. During meditation my hands are forming these beautiful mudras, sometimes soft and often with strong intensity, like my hands are being forced into the mudras. I am also performing energy work on myself, my L hand scanning my central channel and R hand pressing acupressure points on my face. I am also drawing all kinds of intricate patterns and maps on my body.

This is after 18 months of seizure/convolution like stuff happening, spontaneous breath & sounds. Has anyone experienced this before? It's the kind of thing I've only read about in books on ancient Tantra.Thanks : )

PS - this comes after experiencing various recent awakenings this year.
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RE: Spontaneous Mudras & movement

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When a big A&P event struck me suddenly after a brief, but very peculiar mixture of esoteric precipitation, a rapid energy build up, blast off, a blank place in my memory, followed by a fade-in (without seeming to notice the absence of the previous moment), it only took a couple more moments for the full realization that something positively outrageous was occurring.

(It wasn't until over a year later that I learned what had actually occurred, or what Insight Path was)

After the initial absorption of repeated shockwave-like blasts of bliss, I noticed my vision and overall sense of space had sharpened, and kind of italicized -- an exploratory play-time officially began.

(this happened to my girlfriend and I simultaneously, by the way)

Our first inclination: sit and meditate. 

So upon going straight to the floor, finding myself in full-lotus with award-winning posture (I never do full lotus), I feel my arms begin to seize, and in two or three precise movements, I realized I was making the enlightenment mudra. And I couldn't help but laugh. Like, what the hell? I had never even tried to imitate that before, but my arms, wrists, hands and fingers had taken on a zealous solidity of choreographic confirmation, and they did it entirely on their own?

I asked out loud, 'is this.. ...enlightenment?' but I knew the answer before I finished the question, somehow. Which made the whole thing even more fun.

What followed was the best meditation of my life, and an additional 14 hours of baffling absurdity, laughter, sylph visits, magical powers. I could have never before conceived of such a gift!

Anyway, thank you for posing the question. I love the memory, and how funny it was to learn my hands had been practicing in secret for that moment for a long time.

​​​​​​​At least that's how it seemed.
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RE: Spontaneous Mudras & movement

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You had a kundalini awakening, not a big A&P event. Let it all happen and surrender, it's a spiritual and emotional detox process.
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RE: Spontaneous Mudras & movement

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Hi Zack, 

I just had to look up that Mudra, and yes my hands have been doing exactly that position throughout my meditation today. The energy also had me diversify from the led class in Yoga today to doing all kinds of energetic asanas, I think it thinks I am half the age I am : ) 

This stuff feels ancient and natural, yet really unusual.  
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RE: Spontaneous Mudras & movement

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Yeah the feirce stuff has been happening for a long time now, I couldn't be 100% it was Kundalini, but now it's flowing and all of the Mudras and drawings is happening it's obvious what it is. 
I can feel the purification process happening in my body with the different mudras working to settle the energies of my body. The Uttarabohdi mudra moves my body so I am sitting in perfect alighnment. 

I am surrendering to the energies,  but all my body wants to do is do Yoga/Qigong/movement meditate and then I sudennly get really really tired and want to rest. 
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RE: Spontaneous Mudras & movement

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Thank you for the input, Daniel. Perhaps it's worth continuing in private messages, as I do not wish to further derail Freya's thread topic. 

That said: at the time of our experience, and for many years prior, the classic Kundalini experience was the only meditation-related large event that I had working knowledge of. I had read of Yogananda's "cosmic consciousness" occurrence, but my familiarity with that, and what it entailed, was vague at best. Once I had come down from our experience, rested and began to digest the enormity of what had happened, 'cosmic consciousness' was the first query I sent to Google. I'm not exclaming that it wasn't a Kundalini awakening, or somehow related to that process, but it never crossed my mind for a moment during my initial processing phase. I was confidently familiar in the ways which Kundalini classically manifests -- and what happened to us was, at that time, and to this day, seemingly very different.

It wasn't until a year later when I found my way to Daniel's book that I experienced a quenched sense of personal relief. That of course was immediately followed by a new set of even more perplexing questions, feelings and quandaries.

​​​​​​​Thanks again.