Rose bushes have thorns.

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Rose bushes have thorns.

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I was banned from speaking here yesterday because the moderator's sensibilities were triggered. Apparently, the dharma is fascist here. Every post has to be sensitive to the feelings of others. We have to uphold their personal egos dispite the detriment to their progress. Being "rude" is unexceptable in the progress of insight. It seems the path to enlightenment is a bed of roses with a chorus choir accompaniment. 
This is dispite the fact that the "offending" post was discribed by the OP as...
"I actually saw Thor’s comment before anyone else had responded to it. I just didn’t have time to respond to him then. But I wasn’t too fazed by what he said, because I essentially agreed with it (even though his delivery wasn’t good)."

I am not trying to be a dick here, as the mod seems to belive. I am not trying to gain attention or notoriety. I say things as I see them. If my comments appear out of the ordinary, so what? You can just ignore them and move on! It's called free speech. I do realise that concept can lead to a slippery slope, but that does not mean we have to err on the side of caution to the extreame. 
Not all of us grow up with silver spoons in our mouths. Some of us are brought up in rough circumstances where slagging the other guy off is common place. Often as a sign of kinship. Or, as a down to earth, straight up way of saying, don't be so fucking stupid.

My comments may appear to some, as abrupt or even insulting at times, depending on your level of self confidence or self image. It does not however, imply a malicious intent on my part, which I would of been more than happy to explain to the mod before he banned my account.

This site used to be called the dharmaunderground, for a reason. Because it chose to break the social "norms" of discussion about meditation. Which was Daniels purpose at the beginning. I'm sure he did not mind a few conversations as a "Punk Rocker" that stepped outside the barriers of what is considered "polite". If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, as it were.

Becoming aware of our real nature is NOT a polite experience.

P.S. I did not want to create another account to express myself to bypass censorship, but I was forced to do so. I am quite happy to never use this account again, or, my original account if the majority of you feel my presense is detrimental to the site. I await your consensus.
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RE: Rose bushes have thorns.

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Goodness, here you are again!  As I said several times (to your suspended "thor jackson" account), your comments were aggressive and rude. Numerous DhO members described them that way. That kind of behavior violates the DhO terms of service. In order to hold meaningful discussions, we need to maintain some reasonable standard of civility. You couldn't manage that, so your account was locked out after multiple warnings.

I'm now going to suspend this new account, but I will leave this thread here for everyone to read. We can describe all manner of things, the good, the bad, the awful, the painful, that might happen to people as they traverse the path without resorting to uncivil comments. Most everyone here has figured that out. May you do so soon.

Chris M
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