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Do you notice that the current intensity of your knowing-everything, being-able-to-help-anyone, knowing-the-truth-and-being-able-to-prove-anybody-wrong, and wanting-to-prove-everybody-wrong evangelical attitude, is about as intense as your despair/misery was in this thread?

You might want to consider that this bout is just as 'real'/permanent/'the truth'/significant as the other one, namely, not at all. You might want to take your own advice about it:

Simon L:
I certainly wouldn't have thought this possible! Feelings often are inaccurate indeed. I like the part about that there is no need to take them seriously, that loosens up things for me. I have a more relaxed attitude towards them now, while before I would be so caught up in them.

Also, don't be surprised if you start cycling between high-energy evangelical periods, dark periods, and relaxed periods.