Another Tommy thing

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Another Tommy thing

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Hey dude,

I tend to be able to read feelings and emotions right from the PC screen (and also in real life).

I did express my doubts about you achieving AF (which I would recommend against, which is a topic in another thread).

And my senses got a lot of emotions from you.

So you aren't AF? So the sense I got was correct?

I've been getting a lot of crap based on my observations, and I really don't care. It'd be good for my credibility to have my senses confirmed though,

A huge part of my "insanity" is based on things that AF'ers consider to be impossible.

Mind reading. Feeling your emotions. Knowing what you think.

Yeah, you can call me nuts, but in everyday life I've never been wrong.

Tommy, heavy emotions were coming from your posts, leading me to believe that you hadn't achieved AF.

My further investigatio into it has lead me to the conclusion that it's not the way to go.

People hate these words, but: it's insanity. It's destroying parts of you that you actually need. And all this is based on the evidence in a PCE, which isn't any evidence at all, once truly examined.

So Tommy, get out while you can. Get liberated, see how there is not self. That's it.

Whatever horrible thing happened to Richard, it's not valid. And it made it so he couldn't see that. And he happened to be a good writer, convincing people.

But he is wrong. Going for AF is a one way ticket into insanity.

And if you use this to get out of suffering, in most cases, I can say"Poor you... got a booboo?". It's like when people are genuinely bothered by the fact that it rains.

Screw AF, it's nuts. If you really examine it, you will see this for yourself. People actually free lose the ability to see this, unless they really examine it.


I could tear apart lots of Richard's statements. And I think it was Vineeto that came to a conclusion that to a sane mind seems like utter unintelligence. Feel free to ask nne about it, but...

The whole AF point of view is filled with so many flaws, how can you even blindly follow it, without looking at it for yourself.

It is so flawed, that under examination Richard would be torn apart by someone stating the facts. It is for the gullible, apparantly.

This universe is infinite, for example. Some sort of conclusion he came to. Anyone of considerable intelligence can see how he though that and how he's wrong. My IQ is above average though, and I only say this since it's relevant to this discussion.

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RE: Another Tommy thing

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I need to add this. I've never wanted to, but it helps my argument, which helps people.

Two tests. IQ and EQ.

IQ: "We suspect your IQ is above 350, even though we can't measure that, or lower IQ's that that.". No I didn't agree to clinical testing.

EQ: "This is most likely more than 12 times the average, which is a guess. We can't reliably test beyong 8 times the average.".

I hate to get this out there. But I feel it's important. It's important to steer people away from AF.
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Thread moved

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Moved to the Dharma Battleground for similar reasons as your previous thread.
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RE: Another Tommy thing

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This isn't meant as an insult, so please take it as a show of genuine concern for your well being. Your behavior is extremely erratic, well outside the norm. I would encourage you to seek some type of psychiatric help. Many cities around the world offer free help if money is an issue.
Again, this is not meant as a slight, but an encouragement to take steps to help yourself.

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RE: Another Tommy thing

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Again, let me make a few things clear to you:

1. I am not Tarin.
2. I, as in this guy called Tommy who you appear to be confusing with Tarin even though I've pointed this out to
you repeatedly, have no interest in discussing this with you.

I appreciate your concerns and your desire to steer me away from something you view as being dangerous, I do understand your concerns as I had many of the same ones myself in the past but we all need to make our own decisions in life.