Invitation for participants on short (20 minute) online study :)

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Invitation for participants on short (20 minute) online study :)

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From some research friends:

Dear participant,I hope this email finds you well. 
  • Would you like to help researchers better understand our sense of self and body? 
  • Are you an expert meditator from the Vipassana community?
  • Do you meditate at least 3 hours per week?
  • Do you have an experience of at least 2 years?
Complete our short survey and get the chance to win a 50 euros Amazon voucher!

INFORMATION ABOUT THE STUDY:We are currently recruiting for an online study looking at the link between self, emotion and body perception. The main study is fully online, this means that you can do it from your computer (but NOT on phones or tablets). The study involves you colouring a body silhouette linking certain emotions to body sensations. Then you will be asked to complete five questionnaires.If you are interested, you will first need to complete a short (~15 mins) online survey to see whether you are eligible or not. By completing the survey, you will be considered to be randomly selected for a chance to win a 50 Euros Amazon voucher, regardless of whether you are recruited for the study proper or not.The main online study session will take no more than 1 hour in total with a compensation of a flat 10 euros FNAC.PT e-voucher.

Should you be suitable for recruitment for the main study, we will contact you via email.

NOTE: If eligible, at the beginning of the main study session you will be shown a dedicated participant ID that you will need to insert to move forward to part 2. Please write down and keep that participant ID safe throughout the session and do NOT lose it. Importantly, these codes are unique, nominal, and cannot be shared. It is YOUR code.

Criteria to participate:· Between 18-60 years old· Fluent English speaker· No history of neurological illness

To sign up, complete a short survey: 

If you like the study, please feel free to share this email with your Vipassana meditator friends!

CONTACT INFORMATION: This study is led by Dr Anna Ciaunica, Principal Investigator at the Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon (CFCUL) / Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, UCL; in collaboration with Ines Almeida, Valeria Becattini, Simon Guendelman. If you have any further questions about this study, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Anna Ciaunica at :

This study has been approved by the Ciencias Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal, under the reference number Ref. CEC/6/2022 Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and we hope you will consider taking part in our study! :-)
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RE: Invitation for participants on short (20 minute) online study :)

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Huh, I would have had much more positive responses to lots of the questions before taking up a regular practice.