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So I've only posted a few times here, but I've done more reading than posting.  It's not just here, but I notice something that I was curious about.  With people in general I notice that interactions are a bit tense, which makes sense given how paradoxically divided the world is on ideological grounds despite being so connected by technology.  I also notice that people tend to form quick impressions or assumptions and act or speak very quickly based on those assumptions.  I was curious as to what some of your experiences have been and if you've found this to be a trend in your own lives when conversing with others, especially with strangers.  Would love to hear your thoughts, and I am making a special effort to make as clear as possible with my words that this is an inquiry based on genuine curiosity, and I'm not trying to throw shade or single anyone out in particular.
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RE: Curiosity

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Just humans humaning. emoticon