RE: Death and suffering.

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Death and suffering.

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Obviously this is a subject not many people like to read or talk about. The majority of us ignore it unless it happens to someone close to us. We all see these so called wars that our governments base on humanitarian reasons of altruism and "democracy". We watch them on the news and ignore the actual pain, suffering and death of the civilians our troops are murdering, in for the profits of bankers and corperations.  The problem being, is that our governments are just as evil as our so called "enemies". If any of you have not figured that out yet, then you have no chance at self enlightenment. If you cannot see the obvious external realities, you have no chance at internal ones.

We all want to reach enlightenment here, right? So we can "transend" all the suffering of life. We may have a really easy life with loads of money, but we want to transend the suffering, yeah? I do understand, the suffering the buddha referred to is a subtle form of suffering based on duality of experience. That subtle feeling is not even experienced by most of us until we expierence non duality, but it is there, and effects us just as gravity weighs us down. We can still feel like we are happy in this life if we produce enough pleasurable experiences. However, they are not permanent. We have to keep reinforceing them. Over and over again.
It is only when we reach rock bottom that we suddenly face our actual reality. i.e. the inevitability of our death. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE AT ANY SECONED!
There is nothing that can prove you will live beyond the next few seconds except the uncerntanty of statistics, when you consider our galatic situation. Not to mention just crossing the street, or our fragile bodily functions. 
This aspect of our humanity is the crux of proper meditation. If you have not voluntarily died yet, your meditation is bunkum. 
True meditation is about ultimate relaxation and ultimate concentration. Two opposing actions, working together to transend your beingness. A true trinity.
The more you relax, the more concentrated you become. You have to give up everything, to become nothing. Once you become nothing, you become everything. This is not a lifelong process, it is something you have to do in the moment! You have to utilise your emotion to force yourself into complete concentration and complete relaxation. You have to willingly DIE, to find out what happens after.
The more relaxed you become, the more shallow your breathing becomes, the more concentrated you become. Sitting in a "lotus" postion is bullshit. Lie down. Years and years have been wasted by people being in muscle tension postions. That is why they shake. That is why they feel pain. All of that is totally unnecessary. 
End of lesson.
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RE: Death and suffering.

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I agree and disagree. I don't think there is a single world/external view that is needed for enlightenment. I think what matters is your attachment to whatever you believe. The most important is the internal which then affects the external in various ways but not in a narrow. 

That said, I subscribe to your world views mentioned. Samsara has to be dysfunctional/suffering in order to see or pursue beyond. Not saying contribute to it though. Disenchantment is pretty well documented. Dropping of rights and rituals too. So much cultural Buddhist crap guising a simple path. Prefer it over the default society spoon feeding though. Welcome to the disenchanted.