RE: Visual bright field experience

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Visual bright field experience

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This morning the instant I woke up my mind was very clear and I noticed a small bright white dot in the middle of my vision; eyes still closed. I've seen this dot before in some limited experimentation with the fire kasina, so I decided to focus on it. I was immediately pulled into the white dot with what felt like very rapid speed until the white dot was an all pervading whiteness. I felt some sort of vibrations everywhere. I'm not sure if this was a feeling in my body. All I know is something was vibrating. This experience was very short however, and the whiteness dissolved into black patches that grew in size until everything was gone, the white dot was nowhere to be found. The whole thing from noticing the white dot to the white field completely dissolving could not have lasted longer than two seconds. What was left was a sudden feeling of terror, which also slowly subsided after a few seconds.
I don't know where to place this. I associate this type of focusing on visuals with more jhanic practice, but this was in no way pleasant, no joy or pleasant afterglow.
For what it's worth, I feel completely normal now and nothing seems to have changed overall. Still curious if this is something to pay attention to or if it's just one of those strange things that happens sometimes.

For context, my current practice is mostly noting mental sensations and more jhana flavored metta practice. I experiment with different practices quite a lot just out of curiosity. As part of those experiments I've done 10-15 hours of fire kasina practice a couple months ago. 
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RE: Visual bright field experience

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Look!!! A butterfly!!! emoticon 



Where is it now???