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A 'Thank you' for MCTB

A 'Thank you' for MCTB
1/2/12 2:54 AM

I'd just like to say thank you to Daniel for putting together such a great work. Along with Mindfulness In Plain English, I come back to it time and again, and there's ALWAYS points I've overlooked or didn't pay enough attention to that jump out months later on a random re-read of a part or two. Like watching the breath, it seems there's always something to find out.

RE: A 'Thank you' for MCTB
1/8/12 2:46 AM as a reply to Mike Kich.
You know it is funny that I have the same experience with "my" own book. Weird, isn't it? It is hard to keep in mind all the points that jumped to the forefront of things over 10 years, and so I still get useful reminders from reading it, and also experience the same phenomena: that points I made then have implications now that they didn't before. At times it feels like I am reading something someone else wrote, as parts of it were written what feels like a long time ago. Anyway, glad you are getting something out of it: that is always nice to hear.