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The utility of a sense of agency?

The utility of a sense of agency?
12/19/09 5:12 AM
Models models models ...

...personally I quite like one that goes Impersonal, Personal, Interpersonal, Transpersonal.

Reality being what it is its all going on in parallel ... "spiritual" folks tend to preference perhaps the transpersonal ... seeing as the "goal" the aim of staying in that mode.

But surely one can only do that if one's food, shelter, clothes are sorted for you. Otherwise you have to get stuff done which tends to require a sense of agency and urgency ... which tends to be easier to achieve by definition in "personal" mode. Try going for an interview in transpersonal mode and you will probably not get far [I havent gone that far but I did try networking in transpersonal mode a few times and it wasnt very useful (there are social rules to obey, one of which is to convey this strong self thing lol].

A bit like chosing to focus on say thoughts, or feelings, or breath ... its all there all the time. So what about the idea of chosing whatever mode you need?



RE: The utility of a sense of agency?
1/3/10 1:02 AM as a reply to Mike Baliman.
I write about this some in my book, where I recommend the correct training, focus, frame of reference and way of working for the circumstances, and this is only common sense.

Also see the chapter on Integration and the comment "Right plane, right time."