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Reiki as meditation

Reiki as meditation
12/26/09 12:25 PM
after attaining 3rd path, from what i understand, practice becomes less as though one 'needs to meditate'

i just read 'the healing touch of reiki' by PBV Lakshmi/PVS Sastry and it also says that reiki healers say it is a good if not the best method to get enlightened aside from the healing benefits.

so, based on this im thinking vipassana or other meditation will get you enlightened and complete the energetic circuit, but whatever healing or positive effects to the energy centers is just minor compared to if done with Reiki.

RE: Reiki as meditation
12/27/09 10:39 AM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
My reaction was, 'As long as you're keeping up with your vipassana and moving forward with it, the rest should be fine.'

Just thinking about prajna. That special ingredient of prajna. Vipassana is a time-tested method for cultivating prajna. Then you can combine prajna with whatever else you're doing and that activity becomes 'prajna-fied'.

So, I think, 'Yes, there is something called Reiki. And it comes with its own set of benefits and limitations. Why not take advantage of it? And also of whatever other treasures of human accomplishment that we have the time and the access to enjoy.' But it may be good to remember that one vital point not to ignore or overlook is that special prajna insight. It may be more important than any other treasure or circumstance. It imparts stability and solidity by seeing through what is unstable.

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