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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style

Mahasi commentary on Malukyaputta sutta


Worth a read indeed.There are more Mahasi discourses at

If you fail to note seeing as it happens, you are dwelling in the conceptual
realm. For ease of understanding, let me summarize the four stages of the
process that I have explained.

1. First, adverting reflects as the object enters the mind door.

2. That moment of reflection constitutes the first thought process, which
tries to gain cognition through consciousness.

3. Then concept is formed in the next thought process.

4. Finally the nature of the object is known by its name or concept.

Mind and matter in the ultimate sense can been known through
meditation on the nature of phenomena as soon as they arise. If one knows
instantly what is actually happening one gains insight into the three
characteristics of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and not-self. The
following four points should also be noted.

1. Seize the first moment in the act of seeing.
2. Arrest the flow of consciousness at the first thought process (to conform
to the exhortation: “diṭṭhe diṭṭhamattaṃ bhavissati.”)
3. Differentiate mind and matter, noting that they are distinct phenomena.
4. Recognise the three characteristics

RE: Mahasi commentary on Malukyaputta sutta
3/11/12 1:38 AM as a reply to Nikolai ..
This is a great read, thanks!

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