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Having worked with this model and studied it seriously for quite some time, you seem to be correct in some respects but you've misinterpreted the "higher circuits", i.e. V-VIII amongst other things.

Basically Leary was a triply AF dude who did a lot of drugs

Hahaha, I got the same impression reading some of his later material recently, also Robert Anton Wilson's descriptions of how Leary was in person, the way he described things and talked about his experience sounds decidedly AF-ish. emoticon

Whereas in the case of Richard, who claims to have gone beyond the Buddha, he entirely eliminated his lower circuits, and now only dwells, in the third and fourth circuit, having probably, not even touched the higher circuits.

I suggest that Richard, rather than having eliminated his 'lower circuits', has switched off and/or 'short-circuited' the 1st and 2nd 'circuits' and has gone between 5th and 7th ever since. Speculation, of course, but his semantic and socio-sexual "circuits" don't seem to have changed much; his use of language is incredibly versatile but he still appears to be 'locked into' the conceptual model he's created for himself. Also, his "meaning of life" stage sounds decidedly reminiscent of either the 7th circuit stuff, or experiencing non-local consciousness as described in models of the 8th circuit.

The point is, Richard used the neurogenetic circuit, to direct his own evolution, and basically, (contradicting evolutionary imperative), eliminate circuits deemed NECESSARY by evolution and dwell only in circuits he chose.

This, I agree with to some extent but I actually think he only turned on the 5th circuit at first (Enlightenment?) then through continuing to remain attentive to his experience (via HAIETMOBA) maybe got into 6th (AF?).

Btw if you're curious how I experienced the higher circuits, it was like this:

Neurosomatic (functional Zen, MCTB thought, belief-shifting, attitude-changing, psychonautics), basically, exposure to this community

Neuroelectric (pick-up, I attempted to reprogram an old circuit), actually this circuit is really cool, it has to do with, actually, reprogramming your own brain, brain's awareness of the brain (meta-awareness), running the brain like a computer
(NLP, negs, counter-instinctual routines, confidence-building techniques, posture techniques, Zen of Cool, mind-reading, social skills, value, hygiene)
In this circuit, if one doesn't like something about oneself, one can do away with it (replace submissive patterns with dominant ones in the second circuit, for example), if one wants to learn something, one simply applies the effort.
Very cool, my experience with this circuit was largely experiential (a la fourth circuit).

Neurogenetic (Actualism, denying evolutionary imperative, World Transformation Movement, Order of Nine Angles), my experience here was largely intellectual (a la third circuit). But basically it has to do with shaping your own evolution, and future evolution, denying the evolutionary
imperative (development of the first four circuits), if one wants too.

Neuroatomic (mind-mapping, meditation geekery, logic, theoretical math, theoretical physics), largely intellectual, I might not have even touched this circuit.

Where do we start?!

5th circuit (neurosomatic bliss) seems more akin to "early-AF" if you look more closely as the descriptions of these models. What you describe as having it's place in "Circuit V", more readily corresponds to "Circuit III" as it related to semantics, conceptual maps, modelling, language etc. This community, in my opinion, could be quite easily classed as a "Circuit III" community.

Psychonautics, which is something I know a lot about (Ha!), isn't something you could universally assign to C5; depending on which chemical you're using to alter consciousness, you could be anywhere from C1 (opiates) to C8 (ketamine) so it's not a very clear distinction without going into more detail. I would say that MDMA is a C4/C5 drug btw.

What you assign to "Circuit VI" is actually a mix of Circuits I, II, II, IV and VII: Posture techniques are C1/C2, "meta-programming" is C7, pickup is C2/C3/C4 (emotional games, wordplay & suggestion, sex), confidence-building stuff is C2, social skills are C4, as are values (tribal morality). I don't think I need to go on...

I can pretty much guarantee you've never experienced the "neuro-genetic" or "neuro-atomic" circuits.

If you're going to present a model which isn't common around here, at least provide the correct attributions and correspondences before posting it. You're giving a totally incorrect interpretation of a lot of the important details of this model, particularly the suggestion that anything after C4 is "mostly intellectual, third circuit abstractions".

I always enjoy your posts, even if they're just plain ridiculous, but this seems like you're trying to convey useful information. The problem is that your misrepresentation, through your own misunderstanding, of the model itself will mislead those interested in exploring it further. As usual, if you're trolling then you've done your homework and I take my hat off to you.

Go buy "Prometheus Rising" by Robert Anton Wilson, that's an excellent starting point with a lot of useful exercises.