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Dharma Diagnostic Clinic, aka "What was that?"

Flashes of Pleasure, Feelings of Release

Can anyone relate to this experience?

Often when lying down to sleep I feel my mind speed up for a while, the ultra-fine vibratory tingling in the body becomes very fast/fine also then there is a burst of pleasure/joy/wellness and I feel like Im done, and can sleep.

Sounds a bit sexual, but it's not emoticon

Last time this happened these bursts came on like 4 or 5 times with maybe a minute or 2 in-between.

The obvious diagnoses is that Im simply cycling through the A&P (i have been a DN yogi since around April last year) but this is not how I experience the A&P when sitting. In a sit, I rarely get the whooshes and fun stuff anymore. If I do, it's very very mild. These things on the other hand are quite dramatic in a pleasing, gentle way. A fuller experience of the A&P due to relaxation/not-trying?

Just wondering if anyone recognises this from their own practice experience?

RE: Flashes of Pleasure, Feelings of Release
6/14/12 2:18 PM as a reply to Bagpuss The Gnome.
You noticing any discontinuity? You sure you didnt recently get path? Cycling like that is what happens to me after path.

RE: Flashes of Pleasure, Feelings of Release
6/14/12 3:49 PM as a reply to Russell ..
Hi Russell,

I've pretty much discounted that idea due to the ferocity of my DN right now. I am edging back up into EQ recently but it's been pretty hellish for some months since my last EQ experiences. There are a few clues that may point in that direction (like these flashes) but I have no noticeable discontinuities either so I don't think that's it.

RE: Flashes of Pleasure, Feelings of Release
6/15/12 2:40 AM as a reply to Bagpuss The Gnome.

I paid really close attention last night when this happened. Noticed A&P, DN, then EQ then whoosh! BUT not discontinuity before the whoosh that I could discern. AND, if it was a fruition, why the horrendous DN right now?

It makes little sense. (well, that at least is nothing new! heh!)

RE: Flashes of Pleasure, Feelings of Release
6/15/12 9:14 AM as a reply to Bagpuss The Gnome.
What does whoosh mean? Does it feel like you jumped back down to A&P again?

Also, What does horrendous DN mean in terms of how you feel. After I got 1st path I was pretty destabilized and had TONS of anxiety. Took a week or 2 to settle.

RE: Flashes of Pleasure, Feelings of Release
6/15/12 9:40 AM as a reply to Russell ..
hehe, no sorry! That's was a particularly poor description even for me...

By "whoosh" i meant the pleasure-wave/joy-wave/wellness-wave thing that I originally described. Having said that, after this has happened it does seem to reset and start again.

A good but as yet incomplete example: I've had a rotten headache since ending my morning meditation in reobservation today. I lay down on the sofa for a bit and I do nothing but breath (in my current practice I only have to think about meditating and the mind inclines to jhana, this does not happen in this scenario) and i feel the mind and body sensations speed up - it starts well but then there is clearly DN stuff. shortly after the headache goes and EQ sets in (higher speed vibrations, bit of background excitement/anticipation) but due to an extraordinary number of unavoidable distractions it does not complete this time.

in previous episodes it would have ended with a a "wave" and all would be well again.

I need to pay even closer attention to this but may not get the chance till bedtime - we've got guests which makes it hard to get time to sit.

RE: Flashes of Pleasure, Feelings of Release
6/15/12 11:25 AM as a reply to Bagpuss The Gnome.
I would at least keep it as a theory that you may have gotten path. Sounds like Review to me, but even though I have been through it a couple of times, I am not experienced enough to diagnose you. Anyone want to chime in here?