energy explotion after heavy pain. A&P ?

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energy explotion after heavy pain. A&P ?

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on my first retreat about 5 years ago i had an interesting experience where im still not sure what it was.

i was sitting with real intense pain for a while but did not move my body and i payed close attention to the heavy pain and the tendency of my mind to move. suddenly there was something that felt like an energy explosion through my body and i felt extremely blissfull. Also the pain went away from one second to the other. the nice feeling went away after some minutes.

a few years later i had a similar experience where again i had heavy pain before the "energy explotion".

If u want to know what happend after this experiences: i felt really bad, but also before i felt really bad so there was not a big shift i my mood to tell if i was entering dark night or not.

Im wondering if that was the A&P event or some kundalini stuff or some kind of energy release or just the pain collapsing in itself. Thanks a lot for ur opinions on this one! Stefan
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RE: energy explotion after heavy pain. A&P ?

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I've had similar experiences with grief. I think the mind ceases to fabricate for a while because there is nowhere for it to go. (I.e., yes, it's A&P, but it could also be the other alternatives you listed at the same time.)