Research themes? Circulation

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Research themes? Circulation

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So, Daniel yesterday put up a query in regards to "Getting ready for Prime Time: a Long Term Plan" in which he points out some of his own interests in the utility of meditation and askes, "What aspects of this stuff would you like to see to make this stuff ready for Prime Time? What would it take to get there? Who will do that work? How do we get them to do it?"

Another area that interests me is what is changing in the body in terms of circulation. What is physically changing in circulation/muscles/fascia that sitting transforms from initial practice efforts at 20 minutes and with legs-falling asleep/becoming stiff to 1-3 hours of sitting and rising easily with no stiffness? And advanced meditators are reported to exhibit this fluidity for well more than 3 hours, to days, depending on what they are doing.

What I notice is that having a mind stabilized in sensations associated with happiness usually translates to comfortable sitting. So, I wonder about the vagus nerve, blood pressure and emotional regulation.

I am also, just for my own curiosity, looking at how the first sit (pre-morning cuppa coffee) facility may differ from second sit (post-cuppa coffee). My theory is that the cup of coffee increases discursiveness and tension and increases the likelihood of an achy sit.